Not Your Typical Exam Advice
|   Oct 06, 2016
Not Your Typical Exam Advice

Every year September is the month that signifies celebrations of Ganpati and October I look forward to Diwali, but this year I couldn't care less about these two occasions as I had something more on my plate. This year my kid is appearing for his first ever formal examination. No, it isn't an entrance exam for an IIT or IIM or even SAT, he is just in class five. The built up around the examinations is so much and I like every other devoted mom, have decided to stay put for 2 months and put all my energies in teaching him. I have stopped meeting my friends for dinner(this wasn't tough as they were also in the exact same phase), started saying no to my events and stopped even watching movies. These are some anecdotes that I would liek to share from my first trsyt with formal examination.

How to handle exam stress:

The first day of exams I handled stress by sleeping it off after sending kids off to school. I can only hold the door.

It's Back To School For Moms

The next day we had study leave and we had a Marathi exam coming up. In my thirteen years of staying Mumbai, I have never needed or made an effort to learn Marathi but the last month and these two days, I am almost there

and I received so much support on social media also. Since half my life is on social media, how could it be left behind?

Some Prudent Ideas That Backfire:

It is the Hindi exam next and trust me some prudent ideologies of being an Indian and Hindi being our mother tongue got into my head when I (almost) forced my kid to take Hindi as a subject. Something I regret at this stage as I realise that not only has it become a subject that my kid resents ( because I forced him to take it) but he actually can't pronounce "kutch" to "kuchch". Ah! We are a bit in a soup here.

Not My Exams

Finally, after much anxiety and speculation and discussion with moms around me, I realised I was not the only one sailing in the boat. We moms tend to take it all on ourselves. How your kid performs  is not a reflection of your capabilities. He or she is an individual. Whether this really works to hold my horses for some time and keep me grounded, only time will tell but as of now, repeat after me;

These are not my exams and I am shaping my kid to be a responsible citizen

Do you have any #MaaGyan to share here? I am sure we all can pick tips from each other.

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