A letter to my son...
|   Aug 18, 2016
A letter to my son...

I came to know of your 1st existence on 27th July 2015. At that time you were just 2 purple lines on a stick. But those lines were hope and promise. I knew my life was going to change. I knew right at that time that I was a mom.

It was 5 am in the morning and the minute I saw those lines I started shaking and crying with happiness and nervousness. I woke your father up and when he saw me crying and shaking he got so scared. Without saying anything I showed him the stick and he hugged me so tight. Needless to say my son, we were extremely happy. There was nothing more I wanted after that. We told the news to everyone after 2 days when the doctor comfirmed it. And thus began my journey of being pregnant with you.

It was a magical time with a tiny human being growing inside of me. Every visit to the doctor was accompanied with excitement n nervousness about what was going to happen next. I waited with bated breath at every ultrasound to listen to that tiny heartbeat of my baby. Of course I had all those other problems too like bloating and nausea. But overall, with the help of family n friends it was smooth pregnancy.

As the doctor suggested, I got admitted to the hospital on 17th March 2016, 4 days before my due date because of elevated sugar levels. They said it was better to not wait and start the procedure.

And oh boy was I scared!! I was really waiting for you but I also got really scared of what lay ahead.

So I got admitted and they gave me drips for the pains to start at 8 am but the pains started at 3 pm and by 7.30 I was in extreme pain. Throughout the procedure my family helped. They supported me and kept me motivated. My eyes were also on the biggest moment of my life. I kept on going because I wanted to hold you in my hands.

At 7.30 they told me its only going to be another half an hour and they took me to the labor room. But even after 2 hours of intense pain nothing happened. They said your head was not coming down. At 9.30 they finally decided to operate and as soon as they injected me I felt a relief. 

The pain was gone and finally at 10.08 pm you made your grand entry. The doctor showed me my baby and told me its a boy. 

Oh my god ! My dear son was I happy.....I dont think I can describe that feeling ever.  I was laughing and I was crying and I was shouting that I am a mom !!!

It was all thanks to my Guruji. I thanked the doctor and didn't know what happend next as I dozed off due to exhaustion. When I woke up and was wheeled into my room, the whole family was there. 

There were only smiles that day. It was the most amazing feeling. Nothing can be compared to it, absolutely nothing.You came into my life and changed it forever. The nurse came and gave you in my lap. A tiny little human being who came out of me. I felt a surge of emotions. My eyes welled up and just like that I became a mother....

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