For the love of a son
|   Jun 01, 2017
For the love of a son

Shreya was already a mother of a beautiful daughter,Tavishi,a four year old. Now,as she was nearing thirty,she wanted to have another child. It did not matter to her whether it would be another daughter,but,it mattered a lot to her husband,Shantanu. So,he kept on dilly-dally dallying,saying that they don't need another child. But,Shreya knew the reality.

One fine morning,she found out that she was pregnant. With a lot of trepidation,she shared the news with Shantanu,who immediately became morose, instead of showing any happiness. And,Shreya knew right then,that this was going to be a difficult pregnancy.

But,even in her dreams,she could not have fathomed the enormity. By the time she was nine weeks pregnant, Shantanu and his family started pestering her for a sex determination test. As the government had put a ban on it,the test was being done in shady nursing homes with no checks and no hygeine.

But,Shreya had no choice but to follow the instructions,as her mouth had been sealed long back. 

The test was not clear at nine weeks,so the procedure continued every week,till twelve week. A darkened ultrasound confirmed that it was a girl.

What happened next for something Shreya had not thought. She was forced to abort the child. But,as her first born had been through Caesarean section,she could not be given some of the stronger medicines.

The foetus did not abort and she was sent home for two days. Again,some new medication was administered,which was successful in commiting the murder.

Shreya was emotionally drained and numb with the experience. She felt that she had cut herself into parts and she was no longer whole. For,a big chunk of her had been flushed out like waste.

 And,that day,she had vowed to bring up her daughter with a voice which the world would have to hear.

That was her revenge.

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