I love you,Dad
|   Jun 18, 2017
I love you,Dad

The children sat way past their bedtime,not batting an eyelid. They had a sense of accomplishment in what they were doing.Painstakingly,they cut little flowers to paste on the wrapping and then tied the package with beautiful ribbons. The package contained an After shave lotion,which the children had bought from their saved pocket money. That had been a challenge as between the two of them,there was a shortfall. So,they had borrowed some from their mother. They had forgone their small treats in school to get a good gift.

 The wrapping paper was a gorgeous blue,which shone in the light. Their small hands felt tired as did their knees,by sitting in one position. But,their hearts told a different story.

That done,they started on the next project,a beautiful hand painted card. They had chosen a red handmade paper,for they had been taught  in school to use eco friendly stuff as much as possible. Little pebbles and sequins had to glued with utmost concentration. The design had been drawn first with color pencils and then outlined with sketch pens. That itself had taken about an hour to make. And,now they were on on the last leg.

Finishing up, they cleared up the table and kept everything in it's place. All the pencils and the accessories had to.go in their respective boxes.

Feeling proud,they slept at peace,with angelic smiles on their faces and dreams in their thoughts.

Next morning was a big day.

As they presented the card and gift to their father,he as much glanced at it and shouted to call his wife,"Why are you teaching them all this? This is not in my culture" Not all relationships are made,just because they are biological.

Happy Father's Day to the real men who know the meaning.

Happy Father's Day to all the Mothers,who are fathering their children additionally.

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