Let me bow down to you
|   Jun 06, 2017
Let me bow down to you

My dad would always start the conversation with"When I was fourteen,I did this". The event could be as trivial as eating a sweet for the first time or as big as sitting for an English class. Whatever it was,it always started with this,so much so,that we loved to prompt him and it became a family joke. I would think of him as a hero,being super smart to have done everything at that age,when I was almost ten and did not know much about anything. As the years passed,I grew older and he became childlike. I could now fathom what it would have meant in those times,to be able to do simple things at the ripe age of fourteen,whereas in today's times,newborns are comfortable with I- pads and smartphones.

Inspite of starting his basic education late,he was a topper in his school and in his further degrees.

At the age of thirty,he went abroad as a program head and turned his life on its head. 

He was now the Chairman Emeritus of one of the largest conglomerates in the coal industry and was sought after by many for his decision making abilities.

I was by now in my late sixties and my Dad was still going strong at ninety eight,his mental faculties,giving many of the younger blood,a run for their money.

What had started as a late career according to many,he had changed the very definition of education.

And,today,I was standing on the podium,trying to run my company with the vision he had created it with,receiving the "Most successful businesswoman of the year award",with his words fully etched in my heart" For if I start late,I can run.

But,if I choose not to,it does not matter when I started"

I bowed down to the Almighty for giving me this privilege,to be a daughter to him.

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