LIG16-The Divide
|   Jun 23, 2017
LIG16-The Divide

My daughter adjusted to the school life pretty easily and made friends sooner than I had expected,as she was a very shy kid. The teachers and the staff took extra care, so that no child would feel homesick or 'Momsick'. It was another matter,that no one asked me that how was I coping up with being "Daughtersick".

The moment she would be back,I would call her and she would go to great lengths to explain the proceedings of her day. Some days would be full of laughter and some days,their would be just an "Ok,bye",as either she would be hungry or she wanted to change into her play clothes.

I would go all over Delhi to buy the choicest clothes for her,a favorite place being "Little Kingdom" in South Extension. It was my way of keeping my own self off the guilt of leaving her for the whole day.

As the days progressed,her talks became fewer and fewer. She was in no mood to talk to me when she came back, as she had her day charted out. There were birthday parties,play dates,a visit to the park, cycling on her bright yellow brand new cycle. Well,she was surely busier than I was.

When I used to land back around eight thirty in the evening,she would be exhausted and upon inquiring,she would say,that"I have already told what happened in school to "Badi Mummy",as in her grandmother. Why do you want me to repeat it? I have forgotten by now. Let me sleep".

And,every single day,I would question my decision to keep working. I had never ever thought that this could be a challenge which I would find difficult to fathom.

Every morning I would dread going to office and it felt that I had lost my status as a Mom. It got harder and harder,till one day the time came when I had to take a decision on this matter.

Though I had no clue on how I would have the courage to take it. As they say,on one side there was a well,and on the other side,a deep valley.

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