LIG20-A breech baby
|   Jun 27, 2017
LIG20-A breech baby

In between the travelling to and fro for office,the rickshaw rides took a toll on me. By the end of the fifth month,I started having severe back pain. I cannot forget ever how good my boss,Mr. Chadha was. On the pretext of teaching me,he would take me to the Income tax office or the Appelate Tribunal and without fail,would make me drink a glass of juice or eat a plate of Chaat from Bengali Market.

He would also lie on my behalf when I would not do justice to my work. He fulfilled the need of a father figure and I don't think that I would ever forget his goodness.

By the seventh month,my pallor had turned grey and the complications had started. I had to take indefinite leave at around seven months,which was looked down upon by the Management. But,I had full support from Mr. Chadha,so at least there was some respite.

Everyday I would have to travel till AIIMS for checkups. On one day,there would be fetal heart monitoring and on the other, ultrasounds to check the fluid in the sacs,which was depleting fast. It would take agonising hours and the hold up for the ultrasound had become a very difficult task. As my uterus was anteverted,it was challenging.

In the midst of all this,it was discovered that my baby was an extended breech. I was exhausted by the travel and stressed out by the uncertainty.

By the eight month,all hopes to have a normal delivery had vanished as the baby had not come to the normal position.

My daughter was delivered about a month premature by caeserean section. She was underweight and her legs had no strength due to the extended breech position. 

But,she was beautiful and I was like putty in her hands. What would happen next would be unfathomable. 

A second daughter!!!

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