LIG23-The big school
|   Jul 02, 2017
LIG23-The big school

Being a Delhi girl,I was sure that I will leave no stone unturned for my kids and they will study in Delhi. The idea seemed very far fetched for two reasons majorly.

There were very few schools which provided transportation to Gurgaon and it was impossible to do a daily pick and drop all the way.

The other reason was massive resistance at home. The family did not understand that why the schools here were not up to the mark.

And,I was unable to make anyone understand as even I did not know why. I just would not want it any other way.

A newly opened Delhi Public School started operating in the afternoon shift from the Vasant Vihar School and it was a godsend for me.

The charismatic principal must have got tired of seeing my face every other day and out of sheer perplexity must have given admission to both my girls.

Needless to say,that is what shaped them and I was proven right,time and again.

The school provided the transportation but the timings were from 12-5. It was a challenge initially but after a month into this,I found this to be an unbelievable stroke of luck.

The kids could sleep till late and we could socialize even on weekdays. If any homework was left,it could be completed in the morning. It took two years for the new school building to be made and those two years were the best ever.

But,my dream of putting them in a good school had fulfilled and now I was on to the next step. And,that was to make them sound individuals.

Looking back I sometimes think,what is it in us mothers. From where do we get this energy,this will,this enthusiasm to make our children ready on all fronts.

How do we get all this,the moment we turn into one? And how does this remain with us,till will die?

What is this innate quality which swoops down on us and envelopes our being? I think it can be likened to the culmination of all the eyes of God,which now look out for our offspring. 

For as someone has rightly said,a child is a piece of the mother's heart,  walking outside her.

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