|   Jul 14, 2017

My sister in law had been struggling to have a child for five years now. The daily rounds to the gynaecologist, different opinions by the extended family members mixed with all the tona-totka was taking a toll on her as well as all of us.

Everyday someone or the other would pop up with a new suggestion or some concoction would come for her to drink. Their personal life had suddenly become a dinner time discussion. There was no escape. In the midst of all this,she had also become the butt of barbed comments which were very common in families.,though it was unbelievable to hear them here. This was an educated family after all. But then, education does not provide for everything.

The couple would feel embarrassed and stressed but there seemed to be no way out. The temperature management,the regulation of the dosage and the constant monitoring was tough and it was furthering their desire to have an offspring.

On one visit to the doctor with her,I was amazed at the way the instructions were meted out. As if she was a vegetable with no brain. By the time we came out she had tears in her eyes and had decided that she does not want to go through this process anymore. And I could agree with her fully.The stress of the treatment of infertility takes away the joy from the natural. It becomes a game against the clock.

Though both of us did not get along very well,seeing her in this situation was heart rendering. I tried to provide all the support that I could and let her involve with my kids a little more. Because sometimes that love overflows.

I do not know what worked but by the end of the year,her dream was fulfilled. And the dinner time talk changed to deciding names for the new entrant.

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