Making of the Queen
|   Jun 16, 2017
Making of the Queen

Tisha was just out of college when she got the news of her selection into a prestigious MBA school.

Happy with the result she joined and very soon found herself a study partner in the form of Rishabh.

How their chemistry changed their relationship to that of life partners over the two years was something both of them could not define.

When they broke the news to their respective parents of wanting to settle down in wedded bliss,as hell broke loose in Rishabh's family,because Tisha was a Christian and he was a Punjabi.

Rishabh's mother tried emotional blackmail by saying that she will end her life.

Not getting carried away,both Tisha and Rishabh's chose to get married as per Christian traditions with the help of Tisha's family. A beautiful Church wedding took place in Goa,without Rishabh's family being in attendance.

The newly weds went on with their jobs in Cochin and started their new life in matrimony.

The visit of the stork in the form of beautiful Shaina,melted the grandparents heart a wee bit.

They visited the couple and fell in love with their granddaughter. However,there was no forgiveness for the children. But, slowly and steadily,the love for their son rekindled and the hatred for the daughter in law grew in leaps and bounds.

She became the butt of their snide remarks and comments. Tisha took it in stride for a while,but then shared with Rishab.

As a typical Indian boy, Rishab got pulled in both the directions and finally settled for his mother.

As luck would have it,some urgency back home made the parents leave. And,Tisha and Rishab came back to their happy lives very soon. It felt that the storm was over.

By now,Tisha had taken a sabbatical to take care of Shaina and she was designing dried flower cards,which became a huge hit through online sales.

As Shaina turned five,the stork visited again.

This time,Tisha delivered a Bonny baby boy.

And,in that second,she got christened as the Queen. For a daughter in law who gives a boy is precious. 

It is entirely another matter that she does not possess the "Y" chromosome,for which she is battered blue and black.

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