Marriage:A gamble
|   Aug 07, 2017
Marriage:A gamble

They had got him married off. So that he could get better. So that he could have a normal life. They had thought that the matrimonial bliss would change him.  Shashank had been the first born of two boys. He had been ill for the first three to four years and after that had been an average child. His father used to beat him up at every pretext and his mother had no care for him after her second born,a beautiful sunny boy. By the age of ten,Shashank had tasted the smoke and the drink. In addition,he had become a bully in school. As his father had held a big post in the small hilly town of Chail,Shashank would be escape each and every time.

His personality development was zero and he always thought that whatever he did in his life and to whosoever he did,he would get away with. Subsequent shifting to Delhi found him lost and by now,both drinking and smoking had become habits beyond cure. Somehow,he managed to get a degree and start work. But the demons were very much there. They had got her married off. For no reason other than that, she had by now completed her studies and was of marriageable age. She had wanted to study further but her pleas were unheard.  Ishi was an intelligent girl and knew that she would make her own way. She had always been a loner and was thrown into this gamble without any training. The entire family tried to ask her advice on everything and kept on telling her that she is the intelligent one in the relationship. The plan hatched by Shashank's parents had been successful for quite some time. Their son was happy. But the demons raised their fangs, slowly first and with quick succession now. Shashank could not understand that why he could not get away with everything that he did.

Ishi could not understand that how being intelligent and wise would make her privy to taking in everything that she was served. Both of them were trapped in this relationship for no fault of theirs.

Ishi had had enough in her own way. Shashank had not had enough because he did not ever understand that his way was not the right way. Was it destined? Or was it planned? No one would know. But had Shashank's parents understood their son's emotional and behavioral​ health,lives would have been different. But who can live the same life twice? How would one know what is at the end of the tunnel? So many times,we are just mute spectatators in this play of life. But we should all learn to address our own issues,our shortcomings,our follies.

We should learn to introspect and most importantly,to love our own selves. 

Before we ty to love another.

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