Priyamvada-The princess
|   Jun 20, 2017
Priyamvada-The princess

Priyamvada had turned thirteen,a moment she had been waiting for a long time. For her mother had always said that once she would enter her teens,she would have a room of her own.

Till now,they were living in a one room tenement. Her mother used to work as an assistant in a nearby office and toiled hard to make ends meet.

She wanted that Priyamvada should do well in life and join a professional​ course. And, Priyamvada was performing well in school, getting good grades. She was a favorite with her teachers and also excelled in co-curricular activities.

Her summer vacations had started and she was back home after a cooking class. With nothing to do,she started cleaning up her room. Suddenly,an old photograph of her Mom,dressed in finery with a man,also dressed similarly,popped out of an old book.

Unable to fathom,she looked at the date behind and saw that it was written,Prince of Khajuraoh,with the Princess of Gwalior.

She immediately searched the internet,in shock,her fingers fumbling. And yes,she did find similar pictures with a Wikipedia page for both of them.

Stricken by the reality and the enormity,she sat numb for hours. All the thoughts about her hand to mouth existence and how her mother struggled to keep both of them above sea level,hit her hard.

But,the riches and the glory beckoned her,so much so,that she packed a small duffel bag,took out some saved money and left. Without waiting for her mother and asking her for an explanation.

Sitting at the station, waiting for her train,she felt cheated. She felt that shehad everything her heart desired,but,was unable to enjoy anything.

She would love to stay in a palace and dress up to fulfil her whims and fancies. Her reverie was broken by the loud horn of the approaching train. She was about to board it when her emotions got the better of her. She felt that she owed her mother a hearing at least.

Trudging back home,she waited for her mother to come back. In a confrontational mood,she bombarded her mother with question after question. Silently,her mother kept on listening,and then said,"It is because of you that I left all that. I was a Princess and used to that life since childhood. But,they wanted to marry you at the age of seven to a Prince,who was thirty years of age. So,I chose this life of oblivion. For you were my most precious jewel and will always be".

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