The love story
|   Jul 07, 2017
The love story

Meenal was studying for her medical entrance and Saahil was studying for his engineering exams. Both had joined the New Sachdeva P.T. college in Patel Nagar. Those were the eighties and Meenal had been advised to not even talk to any of the boys. Her parents had given her a long list of do's and dont's. She had to travel by car with her driver and her caretaker,who would wait till she finished her classes. But love happened. In the peek-a-boo glances,in the holding hands briefly and in the crumpled notes. Very soon both of them would sit for hours in the canteen, whispering sweet nothings to each other.

The three months of coaching finished in the blink of an eye.and they bid goodbye with heavy hearts. A chance meeting in AIIMS,rekindled their latent desires.

 Meenal was a doctor by now and Saahil was on a stretcher. It was a painful sight. He was undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer. No more under the influence of her parents,Meenal took out all the time she could, to take care of him. Saahil was now admitted in the general ward.

By now, everyone knew about their story and all her friends and the hospital staff would go out of the way to take care of Saahil whenever Meenal was busy. The soul connect grew but the physical body deteriorated. What the soul wanted,the body became incapable of giving. 

Both knew the inevitable yet they maintained the beautiful relationship.  One night Saahil left this realm with Meenal by his side. The interlocking was complete. Meenal did not shed a tear because her heart was full. 

Of love. Of the cherished moments. Of peace. Of this time together. How many of us cherish this time on Earth?

So many of us are staying together.

Yet alone.

So many of us are not staying together.

Yet connected.

What is your love story? A story on the periphery,with demands,with expectations,with control?

Or with love,with peace,with compassion?

For there is a defined timeline for each one of us.

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