The rocking chair
|   Jun 02, 2017
The rocking chair

I sat in my rocking chair,sipping a cup of tea,the newspaper lying on the side table. It was Sunday morning and the family was sleeping after a late night. They had gathered here to celebrate my eightieth birthday. I felt exhilarated and tired at the same time. The physical body did not have that strength anymore. But,due to the cataract surgery,my vision was much better. The whole family had been gracious enough to come from various parts of the world.,a family which had branched out beautifully. In the span of my life,I had seen it all. I had lost my husband,a child,a child's spouse and very sadly,a grandchild.

But,the gains were manifold. Many cultures made their home here. I tried to dabble with five languages,which also made me the laughing stock at times. But,it had been a fruitful life and the regrets,if I had had any,now gave way to a stillness. A knowing,that it is now the end of this platform. Another lifetime,another set of relationships,another new journey. The tree I had planted outside the house had also grown strong and big. It now provided shelter to many a passerby. The Sun played hide and seek with the beautiful and sturdy branches,for they had grown their own directions.

Beautifully entwined,into each other,yet away,nature taught us all the life lessons if we as much cared to look. To stand,to take a deep breath,to inhale the beauty and to store it in our hearts. After all, wasn't this the stuff which one takes with one's self.

Only this. I clicked a picture from my newly gifted smartphone.

All was well with the world. My mesh was complete. All the dots connected. What I had started to do,I know not. But,what God had made it into was a masterpiece.My own so to say.My own perfect Mandala. Today,I chose to steal a wee bit credit from him.

Just one little bit.

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