The sabbatical
|   Jul 07, 2017
The sabbatical

Shrishti was a hard working girl since her childhood. She would help her mother with the cooking, finish her studies on time and then would follow her passion. Painting. She would try different forms like fabric,oil,water and on different mediums like tiles,wood,cloth and whatever else she could lay her hand on.Her room was full of little trophies which she had got in school.

In the later years,she had also become fond of baking,an art she had learnt from her mother.

After starting work at the age of twenty,she had been supporting the family in small and thoughtful ways.

She continued to work even after raising her own family and looking after the needs of everyone at home. Hers was a joint family with her husband's younger siblings also staying with them. 

Slowly,things changed and she moved to her own apartment which was about twenty kilometers from the main city. By this time she was carrying her second child so she chose to quit her job.

And immersed herself fully into taking care of the children. Once more her childhood passions came to the forefront and she started making a living by selling her paintings and her cakes. Her choco lava cake was to die for and found many takers. Soon she became a name to reckon with.  Her husband did not like her new found independence and started cribbing about how she was not handling the kids properly as she was always busy. It was another matter that the children excelled in school and were being raised as great human beings with all the value systems intact.

Unable to take the daily taunts,she closed down everything and immersed herself fully into the mission of growing up her kids.

When the months passed into years,she had no clue. One morning,upon noticing some grey hair she realised that life had passed her through and it had been ten whole years since she had done something for her own self. Within a week, with a new found strength,she started applying for various jobs. Rejections were many but Shrishti did not lose heart.

And today she walked out of the office with an offer letter,a spring in her step.

The sabbatical was over.

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