A Yummy and Healthy Malpua Recipe Your Kids Will Love!!
|   Dec 16, 2016
A Yummy and Healthy Malpua Recipe Your Kids Will Love!!

Malpua is mostly known as a heavy Indian sweet, prepared with refined flour (maida) and dripping with sugar syrup. But I am sharing here a modified version which is healthier and tasty and my mother prepares it. This can be given to kids of 1 year and above age and to school going kids and even elders who are not looking for weight loss can enjoy a bite.

Ingredients: 1/2 cup wheat flour, 1/2 cup refined flour (maida), 1/4 cup semolina (suji), 1.5 table spoon milk powder, 1 tea spoon baareek saunf (powdered), 1 tablespoon powder of  nuts like almonds, pistachio and cashew, 3/4 cup of powder sugar, a pinch or two of cardamom powder (elaichi powder) if your kid likes else avoid, a pinch or two of pepper powder.

This will make around 8 - 10 numbers.

Method: Take a mixing bowl and mix all the flours i.e. wheat, maida and suji and mix well. Then add sugar powder, nut powder, saunf powder, milk powder, cardamom if you want and pepper powder and mix. Then take some water, put it by and by and mix to make a batter of neither very thick nor very flowy consistency. It has to be thicker than the pancake batter or dosa batter but should spread on the tawa. Please keep the mix for around 1/2 hour to one hour undisturbed.

Now take a good non stick tawa, may be a dosa one with heavy base and heat it. Pour some oil, when medium hot take a table spoon or two of the mix and spread on the tawa with hot oil. Put the gas on simmer and let it cook. Then check when it is cooked flip it. Let it cook from both sides till golden. The malpua is ready. If your tawa is big you can even make 2 at a time. Take it out on absorbent paper to soak extra oil.

The malpua can be eaten hot or even stored in a container with adsorbent paper at base, not in fridge and consumed after 4-5 hours also. It will not turn bad. For small kids you can break in small pieces and they can even pick on thier own and eat. It can be given in tiffin or taken as a snack while travelling. Kids will enjoy it.

It is healthy  for kids and less messy and can satite thier sweet craving.

Hope, you enjoy the recipe. Please feel free to ask for any query.

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