When life gave her a second chance!! (A short story)
|   Mar 20, 2017
When life gave her a second chance!! (A short story)

Prerna was sitting in that maternity ward once again, but this time for her SIL who had given birth to a cute baby boy. The first time she was here some 2 years back was for her abortion which had to be done as she had a miscarriage.

The traumatic images from her past still haunted her. A beautiful convent educated girl, who was the apple of her parents eyes was almost daily trolled by her drunkard husband.

Her marriage to Arun had started falling apart even on their honeymoon, when he had after excessive drinking fallen down from the hotel staircase and got hurt. She had managed to take him to a dispensary nearby and get him bandaged. Probably she was the first newly wed girl doing that.....was this anyone could even dream to do on a honeymoon...she was shattered...

The new bride in her, was shocked after a revelation of the reality that she was married to a compulsive drunkard and this fact was hidden from her and her family all the while, right from her engagement to marriage. Her father and brother had blindly trusted Arun and family and without enquiring properly into everything had married her off. It was an irreparable damage and now repenting and blaming was useless.

Everyday had become like staying in hell for her. Her in-laws were not bad to her in other ways but hiding their son's reality and destroying her life was enough for Prerna to never be able to love or respect or forgive them. She was made a scapegoat by them to tell the society that they had a normal son and family but the reality of their home and family was miles away from normal. Arun when normal would behave nicely, but once drunk did all kinds of things which made Prerna cry her heart out. He even fought with his own parents.....went ahead to throw things at everyone....... He didn't even know that he was not pissing in the loo and it was the kitchen or bedroom he has used....

Enough was enough and when it was difficult to even spend an hour in that home Prerna had come back to her parents. It was just 6 months of her marriage and in our society a girl coming back so soon, even without any fault of hers is looked down upon and the girl and family is asked uncomfortable questions and all sorts of assumptions are made.

Thankfully keeping aside everything, the family had supported her but then Prerna came to know of her pregnancy. As if what had happened was not enough there was more to see and face...

To continue with the pregnancy or not..... Was the big question....many had suggested to do away with the child as her marriage was almost over....it would be difficult for her and family to raise a child like this....others had suggested to go back to Arun.........it was his child too, even grandparents should be involved....but should a child be born to a father like Arun....when he didn't care about anything else except drinking and had least sense of responsibility towards his parents or home or wife or anything else what would he care for this child.... Even if the grandparents took care the father would always be missing and that was not what Prerna wanted....uncertain future was all she could see ahead.

Even Sleepless nights and continuous thinking was not enough to come at a conclusion, and when she wanted to get rid of Arun and everything related to him, this child was a bond which was not letting her do so. Also, the girl in her had started feeling the motherly instinct and killing her own child was not emotionally possible for her...

But, whatever we think or do destiny has its way of charting the course of our lives and a miscarriage due to high bp and stress had given the answer.

A difficult divorce later had freed Prerna from Arun's clutches but now she was again standing 2 years ahead in her life but with nothing left in her hands. She was a divorcee, with a miscarried child, and broken.

But as they say, that when all doors are closed for someone, a new one opens suddenly and this door was opened for her by her school friend who was a counsellor with a computer institute and had given her the courage to join it.

Her family and specially her parents had seen her crying day and night and wanted her to do something to keep her involved and busy. This was the only way to make her overcome her past and sorrow and take her out of her ever depressed state.

They had not paid any heed to the comments and remarks from society or neighborhood or family that how can a girl in her situation go out and study once again. Not all people were against but quite a few had created a rucus. But, this time nothing could stop Prerna and her family from taking this step. These were the same people who had seen Prerna go through everything and apart from gossiping had done nothing.

Luck had favoured Prerna and her dedication was rewarded as after a year she had got trained enough to start teaching in the same institute. She had met Manav, a fellow teacher, an year younger to her and from a different caste, and in few months both had declared to their respective families about their decision to marry.

It was a if a volcano had erupted for both of them....things like aren't you ashamed....she is a divorcee with a miscarried child.....what will the society say.....he is younger to you....caste....and so much more was said in both families but Manav and Prerna had decided for themselves.

Manav truly loved Prerna and thus was ready to overcome everything for her and as for Prerna, she had already seen enough.....was now feeling entitled to all happiness which this second chance could give....enough of her life had been decided, chosen and spoiled by others.... Now even if it was an offbeat and bold decision....meant going against everyone... And even if she failed she wanted to give it a chance and take the risk. She could have lived her whole life lamenting her past but this could prove to be a new beginning for her. At least she could try to be happy.

Nothing could now deter her from her decision....

Eventually, their families had to give way in front of their love and now both are happily married for last 8 years with 2 kids and a flourishing computer business of their own.

This story is not totally fictional and is inspired from someone's life and sometimes a single wrong decision, or an act of destiny or something leads to a compete destruction of a person's life.

Life is not a bed of roses for most of the people in this world and stories like Prerna's and many others tell us how much pain exists. So for all those people who are facing a bad or tough phase in life and for those who feel life is cruel which it is sometimes, it is the same life that gives you a chance to survive and recover and go for a second innings, to build on the loss you have incurred. Just grab it with both hands and try to make the most of it without fearing a failure or the hardship or what anyone says. At the maximum you will fail but, at least the satisfaction that you fought will give you immense courage, and if you fight and take it head on Probably this could be your chance to be happy once again and forever.

I know it is easier said than done but not impossible and one has to sometimes wait for a long time but just believe that one day your time will come.

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