When your husband is a better cook
|   Oct 21, 2016
When your husband is a better cook

We had a 4 year relationship before marriage. I knew that he was a complete foodie. He liked food across cuisine's, had a good knowledge on taste, could tell just by seeing or tasting a spoon what is good, average or bad. He also used to share how his mother was a very good cook and told about his childhood stories of how he would sit on the kitchen shelf and watch his mother cooking, he used to make some simple snacks for himself and family when he grew up.

When you marry your boyfriend you come to know of many new things about him . Nature, likes and dislikes etc. Though his love and care for me was same or can say had increased but there was one bone of contention amongst us. My cooking was very average. We were living far away from mine or his family and I used to cook. During first few days only I came to know that he is not only a foodie, food is the biggest passion he has in life. Nothing could make him happier than good food. It was nothing like the way to a man's heart is through food. I already had his heart. But it was what made him happy.

Now, I came from a family where food was important and cooked well on occasions but our daily routine food was simple. We also had less outside food. The cooking process was quick and simple and we used less spices, onion, garlic etc. I knew that style only. So far it was good for me.

Every time I prepared something it was not up to the mark or in other words failed the test. Either quantity was less or taste was not as good as expected. But apart from saying a thing or two on how it can be improved he would not say much. Also he never compared me to anyone. He always said this all is new to you and during education and job you must not have got time for this. But I knew he was not happy with my food and also I noticed him eating a lot of outside food. I was worried about his health.

One day I was not well and thankfully it was a weekend. Even after my saying no my husband took charge of the kitchen. Throughout the day he made breakfast, lunch and dinner and when I tasted the food, I was astonished. It was mind boggling, osum food. Even though I was not well I felt like eating. Then I realized that actually my food was not up to his standards.

Also he was just not only a foodie, passionate for food but also an excellent cook. For the first time instead of feeling bad about myself and my cooking I thought how lucky I am to find a husband like this. Also I under stood two very important things.

  1. He loved and cared so much for me, when I was sick he had not let me get out of bed, had always tried to fulfill all my small and big wishes so why can't I do something , just one thing to make him happy. I had promised him during our marriage rituals that I will love him, respect him and support him always. Try to do everything to keep him happy. We were friends first, then lovers and then husband and wife. If I won't understand who would. In college also we had worked like a team many times and won. If i will keep my ego aside and not take it in a negative way what will be the harm. If I will think why should I change for him and bla bla bla then we will have fights and for such a petty issue our love and Harmony will be disturbed.
  2. Also food is a basic necessity and day and night we work hard to earn it. After a difficult day good food not only fulfils our hunger but elates our mood and helps in stress releasing. For some people food is just a means to satisfy their hunger, but for others it is like what good music does to ears or satisfactory shopping does to women.

So I accepted before him that I was not a great cook and will he help me to be one. After all its a question of lifetime. You won't like to have my simple, bland food for a lifetime so better teach me. To my delight he took it very sportingly and on holidays, weekends and whenever he could get time started correcting me, suggesting me and also cooking with me. I was a quick learner and in few months I started making osum food. I myself also tried new recepies, healthy options , new techniques and did more than what he had expected from me. He was so happy now and more than that I was happy to see him happy.

My food now was appreciated not only by him but my MIL and other in laws started learning new things from me. At my parent's home also they were ready with a list of things i needed to prepare whenever i was there. Guests, office colleagues and other relatives appreciated me a lot.

And whenever I was appreciated he was happier than me. When one day I told him you are my guru in this what he told me increased my love and respect for him. He said that "you always had the talent in you, I have just brought it out and brushed it. Also I have all along seen the efforts you have put for me. I just love you." Nothing more was was said or needed.

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