You don't Deserve my Wearing It (A Story) !!
|   Dec 08, 2016
You don't Deserve my Wearing It (A Story) !!

Nayana had always fancied that part of the wedding ceremony when the bridegroom decorates the bride with that red vermilion and mangalsutra. She had woke up to see this part of the ceremony which mostly comes at the end and is the commencement of a wedding in almost all the weddings she had attended before her marriage.

It fascinated her. She liked the way the brides beautiful face getting almost a makeover with that red sindoor. She was a modern working woman but had made it a point to wear these two things everyday even at her job. Many of her female colleagues and friends had commented as it was an age old thing to do and these days girls usually after few days or months of marriage don't follow it so religiously. For some it is old fashioned and others it is just another ritual.

But for Nayana it was a way of expressing her love, trust and commitment for Varun. Varun was a good husband with love,care, support and understanding and had teased her many a times on her wearing these two things even after 2 years of marriage. For he wanted her to look modern and wear something trendy. 

Everything was moving smoothly till the arrival of a new entrant Shipra. She was Nayana's younger sister, chirpy, beautiful, modern and had come for an internship in order to complete her engineering. Nayana was from a financial background and worked in a bank while Varun was an engineer and on Nayana's request had arranged for an internship for Shipra in his office.

Shipra and Varun started going to office together as it was the same office and Nayana wanted her little sis to be comfortable. She was doing everything to make her happy and treated her like her kiddo. Shipra had in no time become like a family member and it seemed had always stayed with them. She liked Nayana's clothes and Jewellery and Nayana would give her these things to wear. 

Varun also had developed a good bond with Shipra and the threesome had fun times together watching movies, roaming around the city,shopping, cooking together etc.

Things were moving well when one day Nayana had to come back home from office to collect some important documents and had used her keys to open the door. She had got the shock of her life. She had expected Varun and Shipra to be in office but they were in her bedroom, Shipra almost trying to cover herself, Varun getting up in a hurry and both shocked on getting caught red handed.

Nayana had almost fell down and was taken aback. She was an open minded person and had always taken Varun and Shipra's relation as a healthy one where light hearted sporty teasing and fun was there. She couldn't in her dreams think that in last 3 months they had come this close. Her trust was shattered. She wanted to shout, hit them both and cry her heart out. 

How on earth could these two do that to her. Varun had opened his mouth to say something but She had at that time sped off, didn't go to office, Instead went to the sea face and sat there for hours and was blank.

Varun had tried to call her but she had disconnected. Back home at night she had not had food, not spoken and just went to sleep. She was completely exhausted. Next day also she didn't say a word and what conversation was to be done now. Was there anything left to be said or heard. Shipra couldn't meet her sisters eyes and as for Varun he was acting like a man does. Doing the most nasty thing and still want a talk. She went to office. She had called her mother and told her everything. She needed someone to confine into and wanted her mother to take some action.

The second shock was waiting for her....

Her mother though perturbed by what had happened had scolded her. "Why have you let them come so close?....Men are like that only....Shipra is your younger sister....she is being the elder should have taken care of her.....what has happened has happened... How will we conceal it... Shipra has to be married.... Just let it go...send her back

Nayana's face was red with anger. What shit was her mother talking. Instead of being sympathetic to what had happened to her and consoling her and helping her come out of this breakdown she was worried about hiding what had happened. She had nothing to say to her son in law and younger daughter who had spoiled her other daughters marriage and life. What mentality was this? She was a victim and still being blamed for someone else's bad deeds. It was not like Shipra had broken a toy or done some mischief and Nayana being the elder one was to take the scolding or cover up, It was dam it her life that she had shattered to pieces. Was she a kid not knowing about her actions.

And how would Mumma know what betrayal from a man does to a woman, a wife. All her life she has been the one to understand something only when it happened to her.

Alone at home in the evening she had thought so many times of giving up her life, ways to punish Varun and Shipra and then her sight had caught attention of that beautiful silver box of Sindoor, which she had applied day after day for Varun. That mangalsutra was mocking her for she had religiously attached her feelings to it and been made a fool. She started laughing, yes women like her, fools to carry these symbols of marriage on thier bodies for husband's like Varun who think them to be mere ornaments, for it had taken her husband few months to share the right attached with it, which was hers with some other woman, that too her own sister.

In a frenzy she took that box and threw it in the dustbin. Next was breaking that mangalsutra. What respect had Varun kept of her loving gesture. It for her was her mark of exclusivity of her relation with Varun, no one else could wear that from his hands but his hands were now dirty.

He didn't deserve her, let him stay with Shipra, a girl who gave away herself, broke her sister's marriage, he deserved her only. As for Shipra she wanted her to go to hell, be in a illegitimate relation with her BIL, who may even ditch her any time.

But now with a broken trust from all her dear relations she had packed her bag and went off to a place where she would pick up the broken pieces of her life and move on and start a new journey. She was not weak, would not give up, would not let them destroy her life and will show that a woman who had held these rituals so dear to her heart can throw them when needed and break free.

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