Look,that's a Tiger Mom!!!
|   Mar 14, 2016
Look,that's a Tiger Mom!!!

            ''Ankit,come on,pedal properly!Ankit,don't just float,try to use your hands.Come on,you can do better.We have only 10 days to learn.This shrill voice jolted me out of my reverie as usually the swimming pool is very peaceful.Summers had started and so had my son's swimming sessions.Initially I used to join him for swimming sessions,but of late I preferred to catch up on my reading and leave him to his coach.Every 15 minutes or so I would just check on his progress and murmur some words of encouragement.He had his usual routine of some free-style laps followed by breast strokes and then finally butterfly strokes.It was a routine between him and his coach so I saw no need to interrupt their session.                    So this intrusion into my peaceful session was quite annoying and i looked up to see the source .I saw an overenthusiastic mom hovering on the poolside and prompting her son to get on with his swimming.To my utter amazement,the object of her instructions was a cute little 5 year old boy.I thought that the coach must have gone out for some time and so the mom was carrying on with the coaching[Although she could have been better off coaching inside the pool by swimming along with her son rather than the numerous technical instructions being doled out to him]"come on,don't stop,keep pedaling.Go faster,head down......the instructions continued.I got up to call the coach,but to my surprise ,the coach was in the pool along with the child and silently guiding him to make the right moves and perfect his technique.I was not able to see the coach initially as the mom was blocking my view of the pool by constantly moving to and fro.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       What was she trying to achieve?,i thought,thoroughly irritated by now.I could sense that she was coming in the way of the coach and the poor child was confused between the two set of instructions.He wanted to please his mommy and was trying his best .Such a small child,he has a lifetime to learn and imbibe.Why is the mom rushing him so?Why not let him enjoy the refreshing dip in the pool and splash around?You cannot learn from two masters!Doesn't she realize that she is cutting a very negative image in front of others?                                                                                                                                                                                                                          With these thoughts spiraling out of control in my mind,I got up to give her a piece of my mind.Don't be a TIGER MOM!Let the child be,he is learning from the best coach.DON'T interfere!Just when i was about to open my mouth,some scenes flashed across my mind.A 5 year old cute little boy bawling his heart out while skating as he hated it,yet the heartless mom urging him to go faster,A 6 year old boy punching the keys of his keyboard with a vengeance as he abhorred it,yet the mom convincing keep on continuing the sessions.The child throwing tantrums during his music sessions and the mom bribing him each time!..........That mom was me and that child was my son!                                                                                                                                                                                                  That TIGER MOM was me?The pride I had on my parenting dissolved.I was stunned at this flashback.Did some other mom  judge me at that time? It is so easy to judge others and so difficult to introspect!!!Perhaps each parenting is unique and everyone is the best parent for their child!!Now i'ts time for my son's studies.'Jay,enough fooling around!Come out this moment.We have exams tomorrow.I didn't bring you to play .Come out this instant.I don't have all day!OK, You can keep on playing,I AM GOING !.............

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