MOM .........WHY ARE YOU SO LAZY????#EverydayisMother'sday.
|   May 17, 2016
MOM .........WHY ARE YOU SO LAZY????#EverydayisMother'sday.


       These words caught me unawares and jolted me out of my 30 minutes afternoon siestas which I love to take after turning 37 yrs old.I can now safely blame everything on aging as we r in the middle age group category.

  So ,my son's statement evoked a variety of emotions within me.First came the shock;then the grief .Was it yesterday that I had taught my toddler to utter some words;when I had recited him innumerable stories to enhance his vocabulary? When did he learn to question and judge me? Was he an adult now? So in my MELODRAMA MOM.mode;I dished out a couple of sob sob statements like ........."oh !I raised u to listen to this kind of nonsense;how can I expect you to take care of me when I grow old?..........and so.

Then the radio tuning in my mind went to the WORRY MUMMY MOOD.What kind of an adult will he turn out to be?will he respect elders?will we have a good equation in the future if he has learnt to comment on my routine from such a small age?

Realizing that these momma moods will not help;I switched on my favourite mood THE ANGRY AND INDIGNANT MOMMA dare you question me on my routine?I am a working mom;I cook two fresh meals a day;I see to your studies and all the activities;I make sure your projects are completed on time and take extra efforts to add to the information..Your extra curricular activities are also taken care of by me and I personally write your poetries for kavi sammelans.In spite of juggling my roles as as mom;wife ;daughter in law; aunt ; dentist;teacher and a cook;why do I have to listen to this silly observation? Don't I get a respite of 30 minutes  for myself?How can he call me lazy when he sees that I am on my toes from morning to night?

          My CUCUMBER COOL SON heard my ravings  which went on for  half an hour while he carelessly flicked the pages of his novel.Sensing a pause in my outburst;he calmly looked up ;took my face in his hands and remarked"Yes ;you are lazy.Why are you so bored in your free time? You are so good at creativity;you used to paint;you used to draw;so why don't you start creating instead of lazing about with a blank look on your face?WHY DONT YOU DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF??????

            I wanted to shout ;I CREATED YOU!I AM WORKING ON IMPROVING THAT CREATION!;but I stopped myself.Yes;did I spend the last decade just improving upon my creation? But my son is a human like me;he will self nurture and doesn't need my constant interference.I did love a lot of things;my happy space was in just reading ;penning down some thoughts;pencil sketching ;colouring;handcrafted gifts.Those were the activities I did for myself;without expecting any monetary reimbursement.I practiced dentistry because it is my profession; It is not my hobby.In my daily routine,there was not a single activity which I did because I loved it.When did I let go of my hobbies ? 

        That day I started my blog;resolved not to become lazy .......Suddenly I found myself looking forward to my ME TIME;where I was involved in creative activities ;stopped stressing over mundane things!reviving old childhood memories and connecting with the child I was and the dreams I had;Not with the adult with a cynical view to anything and everything not connected with materialistic gains.THE CHILDHOOD HOBBIES which I left behind made me the ADULT I am today.So,I reconnected with myself and started my blog.  This is the best gift I gave myself.Truly; everyday is Mother's day when you learn something new from being a mom!                

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