Daughter in law not from Mars?#StopJudging
|   Mar 09, 2017
Daughter in law not from Mars?#StopJudging

I wonder when it comes to bahu , every one start judging her. Being daughter in law, you become different species at all.Now as a girl enters to her new family , she is not aware of the fact that she has enrolled for exam which is never ending.  If you are working, it's your fault, be prepared for difficult exam because now everyone even the neighbors are interested to see if you can do cooking and other household stuff. Now it does not matter how educated you are and how much you are earning. You have to be representable all the times with smile on your face. You should know not only cooking but all cuisines. You should know everything that exist in world. Even if your sister in law almost of your age, she doesn't know household chores, it is ok for her but not acceptable from you because you are rare species.Every family member or relatives can make fun of you or your choice but you are not supposed to answer. If you do, you are not a good bahu and get ready for worst results. 

If you are leaving for office, it must be realized to you that there are lots of stuff to be managed at home. It is just like you are getting ready and going out for party. At end of day, everybody can be tired but you could not. You still should have that smile on your face and no one will ask you about your day. And if you are at home by chance, you have to answer what you did for full day? You may get a phone call from your married sister In-law to know why you were at home and what you did? If your married sister in law comes at her home, it is so nice because she miss her family. But at same time if this rare species has thought to visit her home, she needs reason and permission.

You have to consult your mother in law for every tiny thing but she can fully ignore you in important family decisions.  I believe this judgement for bahu which keeps on moving like a clock is  one of the important reason for nuclear family. Although no one can deny the benefits to be part of joint family.

I request all please stop judging your bahu because she is a normal human being ,she is not from different planet, she also wish to be accepted as a family member and she also has right to get desired love and respect.

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