How to make your little ones birthday party memorable?
|   Feb 26, 2017
How to make your little ones birthday party memorable?

Birthdays are always special and if it is of our little ones, becomes even more special. let's plan it so that it becomes memorable for everyone.Who else could better plan  birthday party for your little one? Make your little one birthday memorable for all . Plan in advance because it'll help you manage everything without stress. I wanna share few tips which I used for my daughter bday. Some are from friends advice, some from internet and some from experience, so just summarizing all

  • Decide how big party you want to throw. I mean number of guests. Accordingly menu and venue, you have to decide.  If it is for family and few friends only , you can make arrangements in home. You also have to decide at what time and duration as well.
  • Choose a theme : Based on your little one interest ,you can choose a theme. Believe me it's fantasy for kids. They enjoy more if it is their favorite like fairy, jungle or cartoons theme. 
  • Decide your guests: Age group. Take care to keep engage all. 
  • Invitation:  you can create your own customized invitation with all details. There are lots of free apps available online for same. You can share that through E-mail or hard copy as you like based on budget. I personally feel email is good option that costs nothing and save paper.You can specify theme in invitation and request guests to dress up accordingly. It becomes great fun when adult also joins kids group .
  • Decoration:  Create a grand gesture with the most basic balloons. Choose one color or several shades, blow up balloons, and attach to wall with double-sided tape. Create number like which birthday you are celebrating or by kids names. You can also have some old photographs of little one like from first birthday and decorate them in room.
  • Birthday cake: kids are actually very excited for  cake both flavour and shape and it's design. You can order it as per your theme. You can also try making at home if you are good in baking that gives special touch.
  • Return Gift: Kids eagerly wait for this. So you can bring gifts as per your budget for all kids considering their age. Think Outside the Bag :Of course we love the goody bag. But for your next fete, why not package your parting gifts in a more inventive way? Like personalized cup with home made cup cake inside.
  • Food : Include healthy snacks as well and  If you have guests with small kids on finger food So try to inclu finger food also. These are small things but makes you the best host if you keep in mind all while planning.
  • Fun activities:  This is the most important part which generally we miss. You can arrange magic show or puppet show. You can also arrange some games by your own.List down some games like below. Consider age groups and list down games for everyone
  1.  Tongue twister
  2. Musical chair
  3. Couple games 
  4.  One minute game like sack race type 
  5.  Blowing and bursting maximum birthday balloons
  6. Kids dance games
    The birthday child will likely have ideas about the kind of party he or she wants, so involve them in the planning. Let your child pick the theme, help you with shopping and decorating, and take part in baking the cake. Last but not the least don't forget to enjoy. Party becomes hit if everyone enjoy it as kids does. Make a playlist of your kids favorite songs and dance on them with complete family and friends.Enjoy it fully and capture the moments. Please share your ideas and experience as well.   

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