EARTH! got a new Visitor
|   Feb 21, 2017
EARTH! got a new Visitor

Today was a nice day, a real nice day. Sunshine was real cool and so was the wind, a northern one I suppose, and he came: light-footed, elegant, white halo all around him silvery sunshine bathing his robe. But yet he wore puzzled look. Never was he so unsure in the millennial that he had witnessed. So he came with a question? Was he asking me or perhaps all of us?

I want to be here once more. Again? I said please don’t we have had enough of you already. But why said he: I will visit Jerusalem at least once to remind the people of what I did for the world.

But they bombed that place in your good name so many years ago and somebody might want to blow your legs off but why? Because they don’t want like the way the other people want to remember you?

Okay! I will visit the Middle East then. But the place is all burned up razed to the ground. All the life and faith sucked out including your memories what remain is hatred for your folks but why? Because they know you by another name.

Never mind I will visit where I started it all. I said “VASUDEVAYE KUTUMBKAM” and spread the message of love and eternity

Oh Sire!

Please that has been MODI-fied now. The Kutumbh no more exists for those who don’t worship you the way Bagwatjans want them to so. They are lynched. So please don’t ever think of risking yourself again.

You have had me then said he- quiet perturbed. I will visit the land that is still free and vibrant and I have never been there before. But you are a little late in deciding that I have heard they just barred your entry by executive order because well they are no longer free. He looked really Trumped and decided




Kunwar Amardeep Singh

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