Amy’s Dressing Concerns
|   Apr 29, 2017
Amy’s Dressing Concerns

Amy’s Dressing Concerns

“Amma, Amma” came shouting my darling daughter into kitchen.

“What happened beta? Why are you shouting, I guess you are ready for birthday party? That’s good.” I said.

“See this t-shirt got an opening in the back”, she showed a small 2 inch opening in her t-shirt. Myself, my mom and the cook burst out laughing listening to her complaint. On seeing laughing at her she was hurt.

Immediately my daughter’s best friend and savior, my mom came to her rescue and said, “Enough of laughing turn back and concentrate on your work both of you” and took hold of my daughters hand and led her into bedroom by saying “come my darling, we will sort this out”.

After a while when I went to join them to remind her about attending birthday party and to give instructions about taking care of her little brother who is always all over the place doing something or the other mischief, they both were deep in conversation.

The concern is my daughter who will be 9 soon, don’t want to do a skin show to others. (I know, 9 years and the word skin show? Credit goes to our movies and television, hmm… can’t blame anyone) so, I joined my mom to convince her to wear this 2 inch skin showing t-shirt for this birthday party of a small boy who stays on the immediate floor in our apartments.

“Baby, listen do amma wear a frock in home” I asked Amy, she said yes mamma you look cute in that frock. Ok. “Do grand mom where saree? How does she look?”, “She looks very dignified” she said.

I asked her, “Baby, so you say that amma and grand mom are doing skin show?” she was confused and said, “I didn’t say that amma, I just don’t like showing my skin to anybody”. Then I said “that’s really good that you don’t want to expose your skin, but we have to wear every type of dress which suites our personality. A saree, which is our Indian dress, also does a skin show. But as an individual we have to be in a position to discriminate and decide what to wear, what not to wear. But remember one thing that we will never, ever force you to expose your skin. But at this tender age, I guess you can wear your shorts and enjoy this hot summer I guess. I will tell you when to stop wearing the shorts. Ok for you? ”

After processing what all I said, she gave a small nod. In order to bring the situation at ease, my mom said, “We will do one thing, for this birthday we will gift Amy a pair of Burkha to wear. Yes baby, what color you want?” on listening this, she started jumping and shouting “What? Burkha?”…

After all this, she went to birthday party,coming back first thing she did is to change her t-shirt. Me and mom looked at each other and sighed.

Listening to this, hubby’s declaration about his princess, “why do you force and convince her all the time, let her be as she wants”.

Hmm… handling daughter is tough, and additional bonanza a husband whose priority is always his daughterJ. Guess I’m in a tough situation.

Whatever it is, I hope this is a phase and she starts enjoying all types of dresses, in the coming years.

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