Lipstick for working Women
|   Apr 25, 2017
Lipstick for working Women


Choice of Lipstick for working Women

The colorful and attractive lipstick has a colorful history going back 5000 years. Lipstick provides color, texture and protection to lips and was worn by men and women in good olden days. As time passed lipsticks are extensively worn by women. Being the most sensual part of the body, lips are meant to be enhanced with attractive and colorful lipstick. Lipstick intensifies one’s smile and makes it complete and presentable.

Over a period of time lipstick became part and parcel of a women’s life. Lipstick elevates the shape of the lips and helps women to look appealing and attractive.

In these modern days makeup has become a mere essential for working women.  Many have a doubt as in what color lipstick suites their lip color and skin tone. There are many shades of lipsticks available that can be worn to the office without ignoring the corporate style and culture.

A young lady can wear shimmering and glittering colors and shades, but for wearing to an office would be a big no for these types of shades. Few major shades that can be worn by working women can be classified into Peach, Mauve, Red/Coral and Orange-Pink with Matte Finish and Pink.

Peach: Peach color lipstick suites to women who have fair skin tone. It create sharp, attractive and feminine looks and gets compliments to the one who uses these shades of color. It simply gels with the corporate scenario and goes well for day time use. In case of dark pigmented lips, a shade of peach may not suite well.

Mauve: This color lipstick goes amazingly well with all types of skin tones. Its recommended as one of the best color to use for all the working women. Mauve color lipsticks are considered as the choicest shades for the year 2016.

Red/Coral: These bright shades go really well with a minimum of makeup. One look attractive and nice if other elements are barely used.

Orange-Pink with Matte Finish: This combination of shades makes this suitable to all skin tones. These shades chosen can be worn for regular usage and also for the corporate environment. These shades are known for their consistency which gives a filling look to the lips.

Beige: This color looks great on all outfits and gels well with all skin tones. One has to relook as in if the shade of lipstick is there or not if this color is used.

Pink: A shade of pink might look shinier and bright, it gives a vibrant and classy effect in a corporate scenario.

There are more number of colors and shades of lipsticks available in market.


  • Pink Plaza
  • Make Me Pink
  • Pink Petal
  • Hooked on Pink


  • Yummy plumy
  • On TheMauve
  • Mauve-ulous
  • Plum Perfect
  • Plum Paradise
  • Marion Mauve


  • Plush Me red
  • Fatal red
  • Red Petite
  • Magnetic Coral
  • Glamorous Red
  • Summer Sunset
  • Ecstatic Coral


  • Totally toffee
  • Golden brown
  • Blushing Brunette
  • Chestnut Cream
  • Brown Attitude
  • Choco Pop
  • Sugared Honey
  • My Mahogany
  • Tinted Taupe
  • Warm mup
  • Nearly There
  • Copper Brown
  • Crazy for Coffee

Color Sensational Lipstick: Creamy lipstick available in deep reds, pretty pinks, and soft neutrals. Can achieve beautiful-looking lips in just moments. Crisp and vibrant color can be achieved using these supremely sensational lipstick. Precious honey nectar leaves a sensuous finish. These are available in a collection of brilliant shades.

Few best recommendations for Maybelline color sensational lipstick are:

  • Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Matte Mat 1
  • Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Lipstick- Fruit Punch
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick – Plum Paradise
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Matte Lipstick Mat2
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Glamorous Red

All these shades are very presentable and attractive which suite the corporate environment.

So, try out your favorite colors, enchant and enthrall others with these awesome shades which doesn’t hit your pocket much.

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