The impressions that last a lifetime!!!!!!!
|   May 03, 2016
The impressions that last a lifetime!!!!!!!

Priya sat by the window with her usual morning cup of tea and stared outside with a blank look in her eyes. The memories of the last night refused to go away and stuck by her side like a loyal friend.  Last night she and her husband Nitin had a fight over trivial issues that had left her in a bad mood. As she was pondering over the ugly spat her son entered the room and caught her attention. 
She looked back to find Ansh on a fit of anger. 
"What's wrong with u baccha?" She asked trying hard to maintain her sanity. 
" Som is playing with my car, mumma.  And that too my favourite hot wheels. " Ansh responded with an irritated look in his eyes.

Som was 8 years old son of her maid and would usually accompany her mother to her workplace. At most times Ansh would share his toys with Som but for the last couple of months, his behaviour vexed Priya. Not only was he picking up his father's temperament and harsh tone but would also hit at times.

" you must share your toys with him na . Remember,  you have so many cars and he is not used to such luxuries. " Priya tried to pacify him. At the tender age of 10 years, she didn't expect him to be aggressive and selfish.

"No, what's mine is mine and I don't like to share it." Ansh yelled at the op of voice inviting spectators in the form of her maid and Som into the room.

Som came forward and returned the car with misty eyes and something inside Priya shook up.
"No Som,  it's ok. You can keep the car." Priya said in an empathetic tone.
But, what happened next was not only unexpected but it left Priya in  a state of shock. 
" get lost you jerk. ...This is my home. toys. ..and my mom. Get out of here you fool" Ansh screamed at Som with a fiery look on his face.
Som left the room at once with his mom scolding him for touching the toys. 

Priya sat there with a heavy heart , reflecting upon the last night's verbal spat. 
" don't you dare argue with me you foolish lady.  This is my rrules ..and my money.  Get lost if you refuse to abide by my rules you idiot " Nitin had shot back at her when questioned about the sudden overspending over the last two months. What she didn't notice was that Ansh was standing right outside their room,  trying to make sense of what's happening.

The impressions that we leave on our children gets imprinted in there minds and robs them of their innocence and charm. Be alert and cautious of what you pass on to them.

P.S. The story is not fictional. It has the glimpses of few households that I have come across

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