The message in the baby massage for the 'fresher moms' !
|   Jun 04, 2016
The message in the baby massage for the 'fresher moms' !

Motherhood brings many changes and most are welcomed ones. The tiny wobbly feet tiptoed into my life to make it a little more beautiful with varied colors of motherhood. I vividly remember during my preggo days people would often take me as a sounding board and pour their unending advices. But no one ever told me that I would actually freak out at my first official encounter with my little heart. Those divine eyes, tiny hands, and supple skin were all for real and I was clueless on how to give the best care to my little one.


After a month long confinement period, I was finally out in the ring with the baby care tools and lo. ....The baby just didn't seem to give in to my "fresher" ways. The wailing would go to new heights during the massage sessions, giving me a mini heart attack. The new mom in me was devastated and pained to the core. Worst of all, the oil used for massage would leave rashes on his sensitive skin and scars on my mind. The emergency phone calls to mom and mom in law would eventually reduce and my stint with homely remedies too got over soon.

It was during one such missed out afternoon siesta when I was fighting the sleep pangs that I happened to come across an advertisement whereby a baby was being massaged and he was smiling and thoroughly enjoying his massage session. I know it was just an advertisement, but somehow, I wanted to know the brand and..aaah...Dabur it was!!!!!

My fond memories of Dabur dates back to the time when I was a kid and Dabur products were a regular in our household. I decided to try this new baby massage oil with olive & almonds.

The next minute I was dialing my hubby's number with a glorious smile as if I had chanced upon some lost treasure. No sooner had he managed to escape his boss's prying stare, he answered my call and I blurted out the details of the advertisement in a jiffy. I could literally sense his grin right across the cell screen and an assurance came my way.."Will be home with the new massage oil, Fluffy". Fluffy, as he calls me considering the 'baby fat' that I proudly flaunt, was elated indeed.

The father of my kiddo went straight into a baby store post his office, and was checking out for new massage oil brands. There he found this Dabur baby massage oil that I had told him about. He meticulously went through the composition (he was checking if the notorious paraben was present in the oil) and a happy him purchased it to save himself from the nagging...If I can put it that way.

Next day, with much anxiety and nervousness, I opened the seal and poured it generously into a pot. The fragrance was soothing and the oil was non sticky. I knew I was treading the right path. As my palms moved in the circular motion on the delicate body parts of my little heart I could see his gentle smile. The oil was soft and tailor made for my kiddo’s sensitive skin. Being non sticky, it didn't irritate us either and the massage session that would be a nightmare for me turned out to be a easy peasy ride. Post the massage and bath, he slipped into sound sleep much to my surprise. The rashes were nowhere visible and I was relieved of the pain that every mother goes through sometime or the other.

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