The Homemaker
|   Aug 13, 2017
The Homemaker

Before the pearl gray dawn peeps through her windows,

she is already racing on her toes,

different roles ready to play,

to ensure, for her precious ones, it’s another perfect day.


No alarm snooze can she afford,

neither a standing stretch,

she sails through the day lickety-split.,

without giving a chance for any kvetch.


Her apron is her all day companion, the clothes line her most colorful scene,

patience and impeccability are her daily tests,

short weekends and long Mondays are just ‘other’ days.

How she waits for some ‘me’ time!,

but most willingly looks forward to a happy ‘mum’ time.


Her husbands joy is her pay cheque,

her childrens arms are jewels that adorn her neck. 

She dances to the tunes of appreciation; gratitude is soothing music to her ears,

but on days when neither come her way, she looks up at the sky and say:

‘There is my Heavenly Father who sees and knows all’,

Whose love and blessing she knows on her will fall.


Hours and days pass dusting and cleaning,

weeks and months go by cooking and greening, 

her husband grows from strength to strength, her children are growing steadily in length,

but she’ll always be a wife, mum, friend and nurse,

and be their pillar of strength in better or worse.


A head full of knowledge, feet raring to go,

a sacrificed promotion, no increment letters to show.

The past was past and she happily let go,

to see her house become a home,

she didn’t ask for more.


She watches as her friends race up the corporate ladder,

she knows shes neither less accomplished, nor are they less devoted,

it’s a choice she made to stay back,

as they have too, to keep both, their office and home, happy and intact.


Her sacrifices she knows are not going unnoticed,

neither are they in vain,

shes sure they are building up treasures,for her and her family,

way up in the Heavenly realm.


With a smile then,on her face, she flits through her day,

knowing her efforts add,

a little bit of heaven,

to her house made from hearts,

and not only from sand.

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