Mamma, I am watching you!
|   Oct 31, 2015
Mamma, I am watching you!

"Mamma, give me your phone." And I asked "Why?" She replied, "I want to check WhatsApp and Facebook and hmmm YouTube." She doesn't understand any of these words but can effortlessly speak them. My mother-in-law sitting beside was just wondering how and when her two and half year old grand-daughter learnt all these without being taught! Kids listen to every little things we speak. Sometimes they pretend they are playing or actually they may be playing but they can multitask and listen to our talks. They observe, grasp and remember.

“Bhaiyya, please take the order - two Kg rice, one Kg sugar, one pack of cornflakes and five chocolates. Please, get the bill too.” Ordering groceries on her toy mobile phone gives her a sense of achievement. Kids love to imitate. They observe how we talk to our elders, our spouse and to the outsiders. This is scary!!!! We are under surveillance all the time! Our kids are the CCTV cameras with in-built intelligence watching us 24 *7. In a way, it’s a good thing. It makes us aware and conscious about our behavior and speech. Whenever I rant or rave about general day to day issues, my little boss will command in her tiny voice, “Mamma, finger on your lips.”

Interestingly, whenever my father-in-law trims his scanty hair, my daughter is the first to observe and will jump with joy to let him know how cool he looks in his new hair-cut. Children observe every small detail which we generally over look.  But never to forget they are our reflections and echoes. This makes the role of every parent very crucial in the upbringing of their kids. Not only words but even the tone of our voice matters a lot. Someone has rightly said, “Children are like a blank canvas. They become whatsoever you paint on them.”

But the beautiful part is they do have the voice of their own. Yes, from such an early age they have their opinion and say. One day I asked my little chatterbox, what she wants to become when she grows up. She had many choices - doctor, engineer, dancer and the list was endless. But she replied, “A dolphin.”  For a moment I sat and pondered, what a lovely thing it is to be a Dolphin! You just need to be happy, playful, loving and friendly. :)


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