A letter to my daughter
|   Feb 25, 2016
A letter to my daughter

To my darling child ,                                 

Each day when I wake up and see your beautiful face close to me ,a familiar feeling tickles my mind.You are the greatest gift destiny has ever bestowed upon us. You may be tiny  to comprehend the feelings which cross my mind but I do want to tell you so much. Your arrival in our lives was a much awaited,anticipated & a hard-won task. When I turn back to those days I am sure I wouldn't have done it for anyone but you.I am indebted to your dad forever, it is only due to his sound knowledge of medicine , I had an uneventful nine months of pregnancy and along with the other doctors could have a healthy you safe in my arms. Yes,you transformed me into a complete woman. The journey was tough, I had a trip & a fall every now & then. But with lots of support from the family,there I was moving ahead each day with a growing princess alongside.It was a rebirth for me as well and both of us were actually getting big together, you with your body and me with my mind. A beautiful metamorphosis, a mélange  of life's longing for itself. We had both embarked upon an ethereal journey which nobody knows will take where.                                                                                                   Time flies & it does so really fast. It's already four years since the loveliest  day of my life.Those beautiful large eyes with pretty lashes make me skip a heartbeat every time they flutter, with love, with innocence ,with mischief and with fatigue. Darling,as you grow each day the first thing I would like to happen is you turning into a good human being,full of empathy & love for everything & everyone around you.At the same time I would like you to grow into a strong , tough character ready to face & put up a fight against any difficulty with a strong spirit.                                               I love you as Icarus loved the sun, too close, too much.                  

As aptly quoted by Prophet Khalil Gibran -        

"Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you. "    

I will give you all my love but not my thoughts as you have thoughts of your own. I have housed your body but not your soul because your soul dwells in the tomorrow.You have to seek your own dreams, but you'll find me just a step behind to support, encourage & applaud.I promise to give you the roots of responsibility & the wings of independence to see you fly out of my nest with tears of joy in my eyes.                                                

Love - Mumma.                                                                

P.S - This is the first amongst a series of letters I will be writing to you , to fall back upon whenever you need it in life , and I am not around.

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