Thank You Little Angel!
|   Jan 14, 2016
Thank You Little Angel!

Oh little baby it has been almost a year since you blessed me with your presence. I say blessed coz each night when you sleep alongside mumma, this is what I truly feel. You have all the powers to fill that void and emptiness that is perhaps the giving of a not so newly married relationship. When early 30’s knock your door, when you are deep down into responsibilities of home and office, your tinkling laughter and the sparkling eyes fills my heart. Yes, I am an overtly emotional mumma and would not want to be anything else.

Instead of a well made bed, a book and a cuppa of coffee, it’s you who takes the pain away ‘every night’. While you make me put in so much efforts to get you asleep, I can’t plant enough kisses and hugs when you actually do. I see you smile and sometimes laugh in deep sleep and that makes me smile back.  Isn’t that the actual pleasure of parent-hood?  Every day when I step out in the morning and join the bandwagon of all those like me; stretching each day beyond the hours I feel the pain of separation. That moment I know that it’s a minimum wait of 12 hours before I get a chance to see you and hold you again. And I want those 12 hours to go down in a jiffy.

When the moon is bright and high, another night comes by and I am trying to make you sleep. You however don’t seem too amused; perhaps you want to play with me…may be deep inside you now know that mumma will again be gone all day. Such are the moments that make me realize the significance of love and relationships in our life. We spend most of our time doing something which if given a chance we would quit the very next day. While, keeping the more significant people, moments, objectives on the back burner..

We are not going to be there forever to make up, perhaps we keeps forgetting that again and again.

I now understand that life is much more precious than what we actually make of it and you have helped me do that. Thank you little angel, for I am now in the process of setting my priorities right. Though it might just take some more time for the transition to happen, but trust me it sure would. I would try and align my work, interests and hobbies in a manner that I get to spend quality time with you.

Thank you little angel, for your toothless smile means much more than the currency notes we run after and slog long hours. On this day I want to promise you that mumma would try her best to do absolute justice to your being in my world.


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