My youngest employer
|   Jun 07, 2017
My youngest employer

And so obvious the answer is ... This small little 6 months wonder has dared made this corporate lady his all-time favourite super teddy bear ... I am employed with a sole condition of no-pay-but-smiles ... Playing numerous roles for my youngest employer day in and out, we (arrangely married partners) have forgotten about when was the last time we went out for a date and discussed about others or ourselves for that matter or any matter :-D 

World is upside-down now with no caution written on this packaged box called marriage ;-) 

Many question me ... how you pass your time ... what you do in your spare time ... try doing this and that and other advised stuff that keep coming across to hit me right at the center of my head and I have a single reply to all ... Please understand that none owns me more than my new employer. Until he questions me, I am not answerable to anyone else in this world. Sounding rude!! Isn't it?? In the same manner how questions and advices hit me :-)

So getting back to my newest job!! I am a full-time chef, a nurse and more than anytime ... his super-giant-live teddy ... who should remain in front of his eyes, no matter whether he is playing with it or not. Even responding it or not. 

The teddy who should be his pillow with a soft bed when he wants to sleep. Super-soft mat when to jump on. Comfy chair to be seated on for meals and excretionary stuff :-D Taste-buddy to taste his food and tell him how is it. Definetely a punching bag. And not to miss out the favourite of all toys. He needs no other toys when this teddy is sitting in front and he knows when to ask for cuddles and when for walk.

Pheww!! Too much strict manager ... needs everything on table without giving any deadlines ...

Useless to mention ... I have longed enough for this job. Have been through uncountable tauntarums and disbeliefs. We are surrounded by people who make sure their fears engulf your brains so tightly that you cannot even breathe from nose.

And this xerox copy of mine ensures that teddy keeps smiling and not to be hit by any such stupid thing anymore. Moreover, he has bought my Me-Time as well ... so longing on that one as well ;-)

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