You are 'IMPURE'.....Really.....
|   Jun 20, 2016
You are 'IMPURE'.....Really.....

After taking bath in the morning, preparing breakfast for everyone and then doing all the morning essentials of my 6 month old baby as I was about to feed him in the afternoon my MIL says "Go and take bath before you feed him'. Hmmmmmm... I was like my baby z crying and you are talking about me raking bath first. REASON menstrual cycle started in the afternoon. And now IAM 'IMPURE'. Thus taking bath will make me pure and baby will be safe.

We are living in 21st century but, 90%of Indian women are still living in the same conditions as we're in 16th century. Whether WE'LL EDUCATED or A Matriculate...Most of the ladies have to accept the fact that We are not able to fight against Menstruation Issue. 

I Myself is a Masters in Chemistry and was a Student leader in my Univ.days but, I must accept the fact that even an Independent and Strong girl like me is not able to Say NO to this INDIFFERENCE towards ladies. Reason being..All the Elder Ladies in my Saturday have been following this happily..Which includes...

1... Living in a separate room during this time.

2... Becoming totally untouchable during those days.

3... Even utensils are not shared..

In short a lady is totally alienated during this time. 

Why aren't we able to do anything again St this issue because Ladies of our own home are against us.I spoke many times about it, but every time my mil says that if you won't follow these rules our God will get offended and will put whole family in trouble. JOKE..Isn't it. Whosoever tried to go against it, She was blamed for any wrong happenings in the house.Whatsoever it may be.

So, I found my way and went away from my in-laws house for my work. I kniq that us not the right way but I can't go through this turmoil and Indifference every month. I won't be able to go against this at all cause even my hubby is of the same belief. 

I pray that very soon ladies muster courage against this So Called Rules and feel Free even during menstruation, which is nothing but a natural cycle.  

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