|   Mar 01, 2017

It’s a Monday morning. One that almost all people detest to wake up to. And I am no exception to this. I am an at home mother yet i am a nervous wreck today. It’s my child’s first fancy dress at school . She’s 2.5 yrs and I am prepping her for the judges questions. So here is how the conversation goes:

Me: You are dressed as a Lawyer. So when your teacher asks you who are you ,what will you say?

Li’l  Shriya: (With all her might and confidence) LION .

Me : Oh no darling. Lion is different and lawyer is different. You have to say lawyer. So tell me who are you dressed as?

Li’l Shriya: (Raising her eyebrows in irritation) LION .

Me: No no no. You can’t say Lion. No Lion .Ok baby no Lion. Who are you?

Li’l Shriya: (Screaming out loud) MONKEY … ok mumma. No lion . Shriya Monkey.

And there she goes dancing and prancing around the house as a lawyer turned monkey. I look at her and can’t help but laugh. I just had a monkey moment. And I want to revel in it for as long as possible. I should probably be upset about the fact that I burnt midnight oil to create her lawyer look for this fancy dress and look at her. She‘s happy in being a monkey.. This is as good as it gets.  I mean moments like these are hard to find. When we go in search of them we are sure not to find them.

In fact, even as I write this, I am sure some mother in some part of the world must be having a  monkey moment with her child. Isn’t that amazing.

A lot of you might wonder what’s the big deal about such small occurrences in our lives. After all, bigger and better things are happening across the globe. And here I am trying to enliven this silly conversation between my daughter and me. Call me a happy camper or call me emotional me whatever you wish , because that cannot destroy the beautiful moment I just had with my daughter.

These moments have something endearing in them , something that I‘d like to hold on to even years later.  They are important because I do not have too many of these monkey moments with my parents..Oh no, don’t get me wrong. I ‘ve had a pretty easy and comfortable childhood. Born into a middle class family, my parents really worked hard for their daughters. Both parents were working to give us a better life in terms of education, lifestyle,social recognition..i think they’ve done a great job as parents. They’re both doing very well for themselves too career wise.  My mother for one, made it to all my parent teacher meetings, attended all family functions, performed her professional duties with honesty, and brought up her children in a disciplined way so that they could do something with their lives.. I am so proud of them.

We all know the struggles of a working middle class parent. Juggling between a job , lunchboxes to be packed, cleaning the house, early to bed ,early to rise..  So much discipline. My only complaint is, if it can be termed as complaint,i think they forgot to have fun. I have no recollection of them having magical moments with us kids where they could vent out their stress. I can recall my mother trying to get my homework done, but I cannot recall any monkey moments with her or my father.

So there are 3 possibilities.

  1. I have some form of retrograde amnesia or
  2. Maybe my parents weren’t and still aren't too expressive about how much fun we had when I was young or
  3. Or maybe there were actually no monkey moments…

(I am hoping it’s  1 or 2)

So maybe somewhere deep down I have decided to be a different parent to my child. They’ve turned me into an independent and confident individual, someone who has a strong head on her shoulders, and for that I shall always remain indebted to them. Yet I feel very different to them as far as parenting is concerned. I want my daughter to have fun now. I want my daughter to read this blog years later and laugh about the fact that she chose monkey over a lawyer.  I want her to know that on most nights her favorite lullaby was our National Anthem. And that is truly an amusing lullaby request a child can make.

Of course I will get back to work some day ..Another certain event is that my child will grow up and grow apart one day. She will want to own her life , make her decisions, grow closer to other people ,travel to unexplored territories ,experience heartbreak; All of which she must. Today however is ours. Ours to love and to be loved. Ours to enjoy these monkey moments and give laughter a chance. There’s always going to be a difficult career choice, a bad boyfriend, an unrequited love, a delusional set of in laws or lesser pay grade; But trust me there’s also going to be a monkey moment. Hope you find yours soon. And when you do , just enjoy it.

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