How did I deal with medicine resistant epilepsy of my son
|   Jun 23, 2017
How did I deal with   medicine  resistant epilepsy of my son

The first question is what is  medicine resistant epilepsy according to our doctor if two epileptic drugs are being given to my son then also he is getting fits daily  that means he is having medicine resistant epilepsy.

What were the options were left with us after this declaration as follows;

  1. Surgery – we have advised surgery by doctor but when we consulted surgeon he told us that first thing he is too young for surgery. Secondly he was having such problem that surgery was not possible.
  2. Ketogenic diet- Then we were advised ketogenic diet.Ketogenic diet means diet which includes less percentage of carbohydrate and child will get energy by consuming fat and protein based diet. This diet is given to child under supervision of a qualified dietician. This option was not suitable for us because practically it is very difficult to maintain ketogenic diet for a long time because of some reasons

The child did not like the food based on fat and protein formulation.

Secondly when your child is on ketogenic diet you cannot give syrup to your kid and my son could not swallow tablet even he was not comfortable with crushed tablet.

Third and last each and every ingredient you will have to weigh and measure correctly which is to be used for preparing of food according to instruction of dietician that is not possible for long time.

  1. Add on treatment- Third option was add on treatment with allopath and in this category ayurveda and homeopathy were the options. In ayurveda with treatment parheja is necessary and for a kid to maintain parheja is some difficult task but with homeopathy there was no such boundation.So we opted homeopathy as add on treatment with allopath.

Once we decided to opt homeopathy we worked on other aspects also-

  1. DATABASE-This will help you the most in case of epileptic child. We prepared a database which included what he has eaten, what medicines he has taken, his behaviors and about fits on daily basis. This database helped us a lot in understanding about the triggers for fits. We felt that some food if he is eating he is getting more fits or some medicines are also increasing fits we cut all those food and medicines.
  2. Healthy food-we cut all the processed food from his diet even we did not give him tomato sauce .All his food was freshly prepared including paneer, apple, almonds, walnuts and green vegetables. One more thing epileptic drug causes constipitation so we gave him lauki daily either vegetable or soup this kept his digestion good. Although we did not adapt the concept of ketogenic diet as such but we increased protein part in his diet.
  3. Immunity- In case of epilepsy if child is sick i.e. he is having fever, loose motion or other infection the frequency of fits will be increased so immune system of your kid should be strong. For that food, hygiene i.e. habit of washing hands will help you. Another thing which I started for my son was tulsi drop and it helped a lot to increase his immunity.
  4. A healthy surrounding-If child is under stress he will get more fits so we made sure that he would get a happy, loving and safe environment so that he can feel secure and comfortable all time. If he is not comfortable with something we never pressurized him.
  5. To keep an eye on your kid always- Epilepsy is a disease in which kid can get fits anytime anywhere and can fall down so it is necessary to keep an eye on your kid always and make sure.
  6. To give medicine properly on time- We made sure that medicine should be given on a specific time daily it could not be missed whatever the situation is because in case you missed medicine child will get fits .For this we used our mobile and set multiple alarms for the timing of medicine.

And above all with the love and blessings of family and friends and by the grace of the GOD we could fight with the disease of my son and he is much better now.


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