Super easy ways to reduce air pollution
|   Feb 24, 2017
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Super easy ways to reduce air pollution

’The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it!’’

       -Robert Swan

It is true, isn’t it? We raise an uproar when the newspapers talk about the surge in air pollution and blame the government for inaction. We shake our heads and disapprove. What we don’t do is something about it. Although it is pertinent that the government makes laws and ensures their compliance, it is important that we step forward and do our bit, however little it may be. After all, every one of us is responsible for the air pollution we are suffering the ill effects of today!

Moreover, it is no rocket science. Some very easy and simple steps can contribute in a big way.

1. Ditch the lonely drive-carpool!

Try avoiding going alone in your car to work. Use the public transport system (metros/buses) or carpool with colleagues who live nearby. Given the present traffic, it will not only contribute towards reduction in air pollution, it will also spare you from the stress of driving on some days. Win-win, right?

2. Use environment friendly cleansers.

No doubt, there are so many products available in the market that promise shining carpets and spotless sinks and one is more than tempted to buy them. The downside is that most of them contain chemicals that form dangerous aerosols and gases upon use.

Switch to natural cleaning agents like vinegar, baking soda and lime. There are numerous videos on the internet that explain their use. They are way cheaper and environment friendly too.

3. Maintain your vehicle.

Whether you drive a two-wheeler or a car, make sure to get it checked regularly. It will reduce the emission and increase the life of the vehicle. Always get the pollution check certificate. Keep the tyres of your vehicle well inflated to increase the fuel efficacy and reduce pollution.

4. Plant greens.

We all remember that science lesson from school that taught us that plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. It seems only rational to grow plants in the backyard of your house or pot plants if maintaining a garden is not possible. Better still, grow vegetables and create your own kitchen garden which will give you fresh, organic food and clean air too!

5. Say NO to plastics

Plastic came into existence and we though we had found a great product. A few decades down the line, it began to sink in that creating it was easy but disposing it, a big issue! Plastics are mostly non biodegradable and cause soil pollution. When they are burnt, they cause immense air pollution. The best solution is to not use plastics at all and go for alternatives like jute, cotton, canvas.

6. Do NOT smoke

The disclaimer on the cigarette pack warns about the potential dangers posed to your body when you smoke and quite a few smokers justify their habit by claiming that it is their body. Point taken, but the problem is that you are not only inhaling the smoke, you are exhaling it too. So unless you can keep that smoke inside your lungs, please do not smoke as it might be your body but the planet is everybody else’s too!

7. Ensure good air inside the house

Unfortunately, it is not that the outdoor air is polluted alone and if we huddle inside our houses and don’t venture out onto the smoke billowing roads, we will be safe! Indoor air may at times be even more polluted than outdoor air. While the aforementioned exercises will indeed make a difference in the long run, we need some immediate solution as well. The best one right now is to install a reliable air purifier inside the houses, schools and offices, where we spend most of our time.

I installed Dr. Aeroguard after a lot of research and that gives me some satisfaction that I have ensured healthy air for my family. I hope offices and schools realise it soon too!

Let us act now and not wait for our future to go up in smoke!!

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