Thank God for not putting you through tough times!
|   Apr 14, 2017
Thank God for not putting you through tough times!

I have been pondering for a while as to what should I write next! Have a whole lot of laundry list ready, but which one to pick first?? Then coincidentally I came across a few friends in a short span of time discussing their woes on trying to conceive & the tough times they have gone through or have been going through...and suddenly it hit me hard & I thank god from the bottom of my heart that he spared us (me & my hubby) and blessed us well 🙏🏻

Have come across many different stories from friends, relatives, colleagues & acquaintances about their own child bearing experiences. Some have it as planned, some have it unplanned, some don't want it but are forced to trail the path (at times I ponder how come you have it when you don't want it? 🤔) some where only one of the partners is keen and some keep struggling & craving for years, multiple miscarriages, IVF's, medical treatments & some living with the fact that they can never bear a child so going through the pain of adoption, surrogacy and so on,phew!

The journey doesn't end here, even after conceiving some go through a lot of pain,complications, medical issues, money shelling and handful sail through smooth (again thank god that I sailed smooth)

We had it as planned. A good blissful marriage of 4 years, then planning & then a baby. The point i want to make is today I realize how I use to worry & tear down not getting to see those two pink lines on the pregnancy test kit and keep questioning god! Keep praying endlessly fearing for bad within just a couple of months which were within the normal range of trial (roughly 6 months). I won't say I was foolish as that is pretty normal when you have social pressures (mind you the regular questioning is also a form of pressure) from parents & in-laws in specific. But when I saw those tiny pink lines I cried and thanked god endlesly that day! I still remember I wanted to take the test but held on till evening to complete the entire one month one weeks time (theoretically). That day in office was the most difficult day & my mind was not at peace dreading 'what if I don't see those lines today also?'

I believe, this is how 80% of the normal girls behave who are trying and hence a word of advice - you may tend to feel betrayed by your own body but maintain a composed state of mind, have patience and keep faith without falling prey to social pressures. Try to do things to take your mind off of it. Indulge in a hobby, read more, find good things to watch on TV, have your 'ME' time compulsorily as this is something you will miss the most once you conceive, spend as much lonely quality time with your partner as you can (the second big thing that you will miss on having your tiny one). Remind yourself that you have no idea what any other woman's journey is like, the battles she's facing, the wounds she's dealing with. Never compare yourself to other women and their stage of life.

Having a baby is the most blissful experience in ones life and hence should be planned/had/brought up with great patience and faith, specially when one doesn't really have any medical complications cause when you look around you will Thank God for not putting you through tough times!!!

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