Post Natal Depression- Understanding a new mom
|   Jul 14, 2017
Post Natal Depression- Understanding a new mom

When a baby is born, life does not only change for the mother but for everyone around. The little one is the center of life for everyone in the family and thus, suddenly attention moves away from the new mom. The new mom had been the cynosure of the eyes for everyone for the past 9 months, suddenly feels that she is not important anymore. The health, emotions are already playing havoc on her body thus she needs all the more attention and care in these trying times.

Every experience, be it physical or emotional is new for the new mom. She is over sensitive at this difficult phase of her life and thus needs the constant reassurance on part of the family that they are there with her and it is going to be alright. Also the role of new father and the husband is of utmost importance and should become the pillar of support for wife. He should try bringing as much normalcy as possible and attempt to make wife feel like before.

Usually, due to the sudden vacuum in the new moms life leads to post natal depression. If the husband and the other immediate family members are not sensitive towards the needs of the new mom along with baby, things can get worse. Also, family members should look for sign of any depression so that timely counselling and medical help in curing this most frequent occurring phenomena in new moms. This is becoming more common in new moms who are in nuclear family set up and have been working before pregnancy. Suddenly, sitting at home and only taking care of the baby while husband is away form home, makes her feel more low and inconsequential.

Thus little support, small kind gestures and a little compassion can go a long way in new mom regaining her lost confidence and her mental well being.

To all new moms- Tough time is going to pass and so enjoy this phase with little one as much as possible. 

A fellow mom!


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