Things that can be ignored while shopping for new born
|   Jul 06, 2017
Things that can be ignored while shopping for new born

The shopping for the to be born is a major and exciting activity that all new parents enthusiastically wait for. This is the thing that makes the arrival of baby more absolute and real. In the new excitement, new parents end up buying things that they end up not using and thus wasting time and money on it. Below is the list from my personal experience that can be ignored during the initial shopping for the baby and as and when the need arises can be bought.

1) Changing table: Diaper changing table is not needed and recommended to be bought for new born. It is usually not needed at home and nowadays, washrooms in airports, malls, etc have the changing table. Also, carrying the changing table around is a big challenge and so only buy if you really need it at later stage.

2) Too many clothes: When I was shopping for my to be born kid, I went crazy into the kids section. I bought so many clothes for my baby. But this does two things- You still dont know the gender of the baby and thus colors and variety of clothes that you pick up would change depending on the gender and also sizes of babies vary. Thus my advice is to buy bare minimum that can help you sail for the initial 15 days and then you can take help from someone to buy you clothes. The added advantage nowadays is the spurt of online shopping sites specifically catering to kids. So you can shop from the comfort of you home for the new born.

3) Toys: The toys usually come in play when kid is a little over three months. Initially, he cant even see properly or distinguish between colors. So do postpone the toy shopping for a later stage when you would be more equipped to understand what is liked by your lo and can shop accordingly.

4) Shoes: The little ones don't need shoe till the time they start walking or crawling. And so by the time the kid would need shoes, the ones bought by you would be too small to fit him. Instead buy him socks or booties that can keep his feet warm and safe.

5) Bottle Sterilizer: This is only needed if the baby would be on formula feed. In case you would be BF the baby, there would not be much use of milk bottles and thus you can do away with bottle sterilizer. You can always buy t at later stage basis the usage then.

The shopping associated with kids is an emotional buy. We might end up spending much more than the budget allocated for it. As a consequence, we would fill our drawers with things that we would not use and would repent buying them. So be smart and wise while shopping for the new born.

Happy Shopping!

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