You know you're a mom when....
|   May 02, 2016
You know you're a mom when....

Being a mom has its own shares of ups and downs. This is the sweet see-saw of the parenting life. Sleepless nights, unkempt look, untidy clothes, forgetfulness- all of this come in the package of being a mommy. So does endless cuddles, cute little baby faces that say "mommy" and a whole lot of magic that is full of pure and unadulterated love! And the happiness is all that seems to count.

These are the sure-shot signs that you are a "Mommy":

* When you dance to the nursery rhymes in your head (those which you have heard for umpteen number of times with your kid) and not to some peppy Bollywood number.

* You keep on forgetting things. It doesn't matter whether you had a photographic memory before you had a kid. That my dear friend, has changed, faded, if you will!

* Going grocery shopping alone is an epic win. Shopping for stuff, especially, with a toddler in tow is like trying to tame the Hulk. "Me wants! Me touch!"- it's better sometimes to not listen to these and shop in peace.

* Socialising is the last thing and the first thing on your mind. As a mom and being with your kid most of the time, you want to go out and meet other adults and share a conversation that is not about children or anything remotely related to them. But on the other hand, you are soooo tired that all you want to do is curl up and read a book or SLEEP!

* As a parent, the 5 letter word SLEEP sounds much better than the 3 letter word S*X! Yes, you want to get cozy with your partner but sleep comes first!

* You spend more than half of your "awake" time in trying to put your kid to sleep, and when they finally sleep, you sleep next to them and watch the videos that you've taken of them and go Awww!

* You want them to never grow up and also grow up as fast as possible! Sometimes, you are like, "When will they grow up, go to school, do stuff on their own!" and sometimes, "Oh no! He's so big already! He was so cute when he was still a baby. I will miss this tiny angel of mine!"

* You feel content and loved. Because you know that you mean the world to your child and vice versa. Though tiring and sometimes overwhelming, this role of yours is loaded with rewards!

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