"Change begins with pregnancy but then it is never ending"
|   May 02, 2017
"Change begins with pregnancy but then it is never ending"

The physical, emotional, and hormonal changes of pregnancy is the growth and development of not only of the baby but also of the mother. Going through various kinds of physical and emotional changes of pregnancy and, then, C-section, birth, and breastfeeding here my journey now begins to spoon-feeding of my baby. Tough task I must say.  I still remember the difficulties I faced when my baby was born. The OT room and its environment made me so nervous that I even started shouting and asked the doctor to take me out of this room I am feeling scared. Somehow, they calmed me down and my little princess was born. From taking care of myself throughout the pregnancy, things have now changed to taking care of my baby…


I found it very difficult in the beginning coping up with the demands of my new-born baby and my health. Sometimes no proper sleep, constant crying, and lack of time for myself. Though it was the most precious time of my life as I began with a new phase of life still it was stressful. It took me three to four months to adjust with the reality of being a mother and her caretaker.


Few mothers connect with their baby before birth and few after birth. Although, there was a connection between me and the baby right from the first day I conceived but the eternal attachment or the bonding was created from the moment I tugged her into my arms. Everything changed from joy and attachment to anxiety, protectiveness, and a continuous thought about the baby. For the first two months, everything was just fine when I was in my hometown and was with my lovely family who were always on alert for the baby and me. But, the challenges I faced was when we came to the city where my husband works and was challenged to manage things alone. Little nervous I was but there was a mom inside me who was confident that she can handle her baby in all the difficult situations. Despite having to do laundry, cooking task, and taking care of the baby I feel blessed because of my husband’s immense support and caring nature towards me and the baby. Every day he comes from office and spends quality time with the baby so that I can take rest for a while alone. I still do not understand how my other fellow mommies who are not asked to do anything except taking care of themselves and the baby sometimes feel so depressed and stressed. Situations can be handled with a positive thought, support, and confidence, though it might take some time as the case is same for me but still it is possible. It does not matter if you have people helping you or not the most important thing is creating a proper routine for the baby and taking some quality time for your own self. It was not easy in the beginning but somehow I learned and is still learning to manage things alone the whole day after all I was prepared for this. Moreover, I have also started giving massage and bath to my baby after she completed six months and now, it is not just a daily routine for both of us but moments which we enjoy together. My whole day now goes in taking care of her. She has also learned to pass a naughty smile to both of us whenever we ask her to not take her toys in her mouth and has also started crawling little bit. She loves the voice of her Dadi and Nani and smiles whenever they talk to her though phone calls. We also do video calling with all of our family members. She loves the evening ride on her stroller in our society park and loves watching other kids playing all around. 

The whole day now goes like this with my “Chota packet bada dhamaka” from feeding, bathing, playing, sleeping etc.

Enjoying the phase of motherhood with a new change and challenges daily... Life is like this sometimes tough, sometimes smooth. Enjoy every bit of it...

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