U R PREGNANT....R u married??
|   May 19, 2016
U R PREGNANT....R u married??

Suddenly I was developing a liking towards panipuri, it was becoming a routine to have a plate of panipuri at the end of our evening walk. 

Then after a week there was a sudden severe stomach ache at almost 2 at night. I was like what the hell as I m the kind of person who take medicine when the level of water is above your head! And suddenly after 5-10 minutes it was gone. So I discarded it as some sleeping posture problem. But then again it came back after 2 or 3 days. I talked to my mother about it and she said to meet the doctor. But I said i feel perfectly fine after 5 minutes, so again avoided the doctor. Thought it was the result of eating lot of roadside panipuri.

It was March 2013 and went to my home in Rajasthan for Holi celebration. I played holi with full enthusiasm and played lot of basketball. But I noticed that my energy level was going down day by day. I thought what has happened to the climate here, I always feel tired and sleepy. Again my stomach ache came back at night. Next day only my mom and dad took me to the hospital.

Doctor asked about my periods and I said they are regular. He said u must be having colitis!!  Ofcourse he also blamed the panipuri.Can u imagine!! Well I took his medicine for a week. But that naughty stomach ache came again. We went to the hospital again and thank God this time doctor's wife was there. She asked the same question and I said I m delayed by 4- 5 days. She took me for the ultra sound and during middle of it she asked surprisingly R U MARRIED ??

I said yes and she looked at me from top to toe ( as I was wearing jeans and no sindoor or lot of bangles, I had my mangalsootra but I think she didn't noticed it). And then came the most stupid question, did u went to ur SASURAL after marriage!!! What she must be thinking?? That I had a child marriage??!!!

Well she told us that I m pregnant and I was thinking I m smiling because of the news or her stupidity. But after 5 minutes when reality struck us me n my parents were on cloud number nine. Doctor kind of scolded me and said I should have tested for pregnancy at home as I m married and as if it's a duty of married woman to check it every month!! Come on it was my first pregnancy and most common symptoms of nausea and vomiting I didn't experience.

At most places in our country applying sindoor and wearing saree or any other regional traditional dress symbolises a married woman., and because of this sometimes situation becomes hilarious. Hmmm...other things apart I was wondering how to break this good news to my husband.


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