A Ray of Hope
|   Sep 27, 2016
A Ray of Hope

I have always been a person with high energy levels, go-getter, always appreciated at work and loved at home. My life was going great and I took the leap of faith when I conceived and decided to give a new meaning to the word- life. I have always been great with kids and had some motherly instincts but I never knew that having a life in your hands, that is created by you, can make you feel floating in a sea of unlimited bliss and warmth that make tears roll down your eyes and you don’t want them to stop. Wow..I don’t know how many mothers feel the same but still, after 14 months of this life of mine ( in a moving, hopping, jumping and cuddling form ;)) I am still overwhelmed with delight every time I see him.

Probably, most of the mothers would say, “What’s new in this to read? Don’t we all feel the same?” I think this is my way of sharing and helping revisit other parents, the immense joy of this new life. For most of us, the joyride ends as soon as you reach home from the hospital. The scary ride begins in the next few days with every hour of feeding, changing, peeing again changing and peeing the same second again. Oh God! What have we all been through or going through. But I don’t think there would be a single soul denying that little smile it brings to your face, even when you are sleep deprived, with pain in the stitches and nearly bed ridden.

I was always short of words when someone asked me, “How do you feel now after becoming a mother?” I don’t know if words can fill and human brain can comprehend the amount of blessings my son brings to me. It is more like I can denounce the world happily and have no more desires. I think motherly hormones make you a drama queen too.  J

But the point is let us not get into any kind of depression or negativity, because of the fact that you are alone with the kid and don’t have family to take care or hubby is not able to give as much time. I understand it definitely takes a hit on your happiness quotient, especially when parenting is tougher than rocket science (the unpredictability of pee and poop, I tell you). But still, there is a fine ray of hope when the baby looks at you, recognizes you as his universe and gives a smile, to reassure you that the world is still liveable and breaks into a toothless grin to make you fall in love –truly, madly, unconditionally, godly. So, go, look into his eyes, hold his hand and experience love again, like never before.. every time.

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