Chasing the invisible!!
|   May 30, 2017
Chasing the invisible!!

Human beings are an amusing bunch. When I write about self- love, happy things and motivation, they ask me if it is possible to write all the good stuff all the time. You know what; it is. But it is not just about "preaching" positivity, it is more of the view from the window. You can't change the view, but you can change the way you look at it. I have been brainstorming about certain things for the past few days. And just a moment ago, I watched an amazing video of Derek, an athlete of 1996 Olympics 400m race. I must say it is a must watch video people. In that video, the guy has a hamstring pull just before he is about to finish the race. He sits for some moments. But as he sees stretcher coming, he knows that here he needs to decide. Suddenly to the surprise of the crowd, he gets up and starts hobbling on the track, crying in pain. His father comes out from the stands and tells his son," You don't need to do this" to which the son replies, "Yes, I do". Father says," Well then, we will finish this together". The whole world gives them a standing ovation. He didn't win the race, but he finished his race. The video symbolizes the inner power, our will power, just that fine gap of few seconds to decide which way would our life turn to.

What it said at the end really moved me to tears and I thought what are we doing with our lives. Are we the right deserving people to be bestowed with all the blessings we could ask for?  Just give a few moments to yourself and think, have we defined a track in our life. If yes, then are we heading in the right direction, utilizing all the resources we have rather than cribbing about what we don't. I feel there is seriously some lack of thought process. 

We need to take a stand someday for what exactly we want from our lives: explore world, explore life more, and explore myself.It is not next to impossible that things may not turn out in the way I look at them and in a possible unfavourable manner, but let it be this. Tomorrow, I don't want to land up on a safe side, just for the sake that I could find people, family to blame if things go wrong. Whatever  way I fare tomorrow should solely be my responsibility. So, when you are scared of putting your foot forward, just think of the wide possibilities that lay ahead, just waiting for you, to take them in your arms, your dreams, your aspirations, your world. Where you are not expected to make right decisions always, but make decisions at least.

Hence, don't be scared of what is in store for you, coz the good news is, at least there is something in there "just for you". You are a loveable being, loved the way you are , by someone up there and here too, who is not bothered by what you do and how you perform. No star mark "terms n conditions apply" by Him to adore you, love you and be with you in your good and bad times. Go ahead, chase the invisible, because, somethings can't be seen but can be felt stronger. gather up all the power you have and blow it in all your efforts to get what you want in life. Whatever the world says about it, forget whether it is approved, because you know, this is your life, your dream, your ambition, your world. And when you start feeling tired, exhausted, powerless, get up again. You will see a helping hand will reach you, and the whole world will watch it; your victory, your might and your strength

So, what are you waiting for.. go and grab that one dormant opportunity you never wanted to pay heed to.. abroad studies, your own small consultancy firm, or during a shopping spree, realizing that you can design much better apparels than those or when you see that baby in a beggar's arm; don't just feel content by giving a rupee. But doing something concrete and lasting that as impact on many such lives. Just go and snatch all those stars from the sky that are meant to be yours and flaunt your life as one envious and loveable by everyone around... God bless!!

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