Treasure hunt - Phase 3: The climax! (Trimester 3)
|   Jun 05, 2017
Treasure hunt - Phase 3: The climax! (Trimester 3)

Oh yeah the grand finale has come. Days will fly away and very soon you will be holding your treasure. And you guessed it right, as in any treasure hunt, the climax part will be the toughest and most adventurous. 

Tiredness, tiredness and tiredness! Tiredness of holding a baby whole day and whole night. Tiredness of the coming all way through the journey. Don't worry recharge your body right now with simple strategies. Meditate, walk and do things you like and do things which you feel that will boost your energy level. Some may have swollen foot. Rest your foot on warm water, this will relax your whole body and prevent swelling. Do not hang your legs often and do not fold your legs either. Frequent urination is common in this period. Try to drink more water in morning and less water at night and do kegels to overcome it. Use vaginal hygiene wash and panty liner if required. Have a soapless warm water bath at night if possible. Drink cummin water to fight indigestion. Check your BP quite often. 

Time to adopt some serious strategies for normal delivery. Daily do duck walking or squatting exercises. Climb staircases. Sweep your house and wipe the floor on four whenever possible preferably on alternate days or daily basis. Meditate with breathing exercise a lot and prepare yourself for labour. Interact with your kiddo and share your expectations, joy and agony with it. Believe me, by now your fetus will be a little champ and will prove to be your best buddy. Make your child an epitome of goodness by showering it with positivity.

There are some eleventh hour preparations. Clean your house with someone's help and make it baby safe. Keep some ready made foods handy for initial days post delivery. Buy all baby essentials and mommy essentials. Know shortest path to hospital, hospital phone number and plan commutation. Always be not more than 5 to 10 kms away from hospital. Arrange for finance and keep insurance formalities ready. Most importantly pack your hospital bag, the list of items to be packed can be found online. 

Now your seemingly unending journey will soon come to an end. The wow moment is any time now. Eat well and sleep well because that's the only solution for tiredness. Take a break whenever you feel frustrated or exhausted. Just watch a movie or read a novel or chat with your friends. Never fear the climax fight! Just like in any movie the hero(ine) wins in the end, so will you. In fact you have already won the treasure by being a woman. 

Remember your child in the climax fight, this is your ultimate weapon. In labour think of all good things and do breathing patterns. Bring your favorite chips or music or video game to labour ward, it might help you forget pain. If you want to naturally induce pain check online. Be joyous, world is existing because of mommies like you. Dear lovely angels on earth, you have come long way, wishing you all billion dollar sweet treasure!

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