When I found a treasure!
|   May 25, 2017
When I found a treasure!

If you want to explain pregnancy and parenting in just two words some would say its a roller coaster. Because you know you are signing in for something fun and once you afford the ride, rest is out of control. But I would say it's a treasure hunt. Sometimes you don't know if there could be a journey tougher than it, but you will always be proved wrong because the tougher than seemingly toughest part will keep on coming and you will never know which is toughest. Sometimes you get exhausted and will wonder if at all you will ever get through the incredibly impossible journey. Now that the treasure is priceless gem filled with miracle in every bit, the path is nothing less than a nightmare.

When I got married I fancied pregnancy as something that starts with a romantic revelation of good News and proceeds to one or two times of vomiting and then pampering of family members and then a bit of tiredness after completion of 8 months and finally severe pain coaxed by my husband at my side who would be empathised seeing me in labour pain and then the grand celebration of holding my bundle of joy. That was a time I was not exposed to motherhood related articles or blogs. The knowledge I had was through falsely exaggerated movies. As I went through pregnancy and initial days of motherhood I knew that reality was million times harder and now, I, along with other moms, say proudly that I have done a great great job, that I wouldn't have even imagined in wildest of dreams.

To aĺl parents and expecting mommies out there, held your heads high as if you won highest of awards. Yes almost all married couples choose to be parents sooner or later but that doesn't make you anything less than most adored wonder of nature, once you become a mom. You are now a protector, comforter, lover and everything for a little soul. Having told this, doing most toughest job is great, but doing it well, matters more than that. And the eligibility criteria for excelling in this treasure hunt is making yourself a positive power. Never let negativity like doubt, hatred, frustration, jealousy, low self esteem to even peep near you. Simpler though it may sound, with the hurdles and challenges to be faced in the path, its quite natural to get negative. But now that you are responsible for another soul, work really hard on being positive. 

Imagine average rate of growth of a person after 15 years, now compare it with rate of growth of a 10 year old, now with 5 year old and now with new born. Amazed at the exponentially increasing rate in the early stages of life. Ok now compare it with rate of growth of featus from a small drop to a baby. Isn't it obvious that the child's imagination, character, wisdom, love, intelligence and every attribute is contributed in maximum when it is within the womb. This one thought can rub of all the negativity and sorrows. What you always think or pray will be real with life at your own hands 9 months later. Talk to it, read to it, sing to it, solve puzzles with it, share your ideas with it and care it as if it is in front of you expectantly looking at mommy. Your baby needs you right from womb.

As like any treasure hunt, to be successful you must be well prepared with all equipments and strategies. So wait for what, let's know the ultimate secrets to unlock the treasure. Look out for my three forthcoming guides to make the hunting as exciting and thrilling as possible. Love you all sweet mommies.

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