An inspiration to Motherhood or Womanhood?
|   Oct 21, 2016
An inspiration to Motherhood or Womanhood?

Pavitra is an independent girl with a good family of parents and siblings. She was her dad’s pet and her relatives loved her. After she graduated, she started working and her parents were ready to get her married. Proposals poured in from all directions and her parents were excited each time. She married at 23 and moved to her In-laws’ house, as a part of their custom. She liked her husband and was good with her In-laws.

She was excited when she conceived in just 5 months of marriage though she saw mixed feelings around her. Her life changed when the doctors asked her to stop working and rest due to pregnancy complication. That was not accepted by her husband or In-laws. She was shocked to know that her husband is a drunkard and had other vices. She was shattered when she was asked to go back to her parents’ house because she was not earning. Her parents were supportive enough and took care of her.

After her baby girl was born, her life turned 360 degrees and her attention was towards her new born alone. She could smile away all her concerns when she saw her angel smile at her. Her In-laws or her husband didn’t change even after the kid was born. They were not happy with a baby girl. They never came to see her nor were ready to take Pavitra back home. Her family tried to reconcile but in vain.

She left her baby to her Mother’s care and started working again. Her baby’s responsibility was her’s alone and her husband never looked back to see her kid. Her husband's family was getting affected as a result of his bad habits. She decided to move on and accepted for a mutual divorce. Her husband didn’t want to provide any support to raise the kid and neither did Pavitra expect from him.

Pavitra moved out of her Parents’ house with her kid to be close to her work place. She juggles between her kid and work. She takes care of her household chores and kid’s home work. Though it is tiring, she does it with a smile. She is a confident woman who now raises her kid independently. Her only focus of life is to bring her well and contribute to the good society by bringing up a responsible child. Though she knows it’s her responsibility, she doesn’t take it to be a burden. This, I feel, is the true sense of being a responsible mother.

I always wonder if she is an inspiration to Motherhood or Womanhood.

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