Incomparable Love
|   May 20, 2016
Incomparable Love
#EveryDayIsMothersDay and Contest A mother and her son lived in a remote village in penury. She has to fend for her son being without anyone to support. Morning she used to leaves him alone to collect the broken pieces of steel, plastics things and rags throughout the scorching sunny day to collect adequate amount of weight to fetch a scrumptious meal for her chubby son, whom none would accept as a rag picker's child. Many had asked her openly whether she gave birth to him to which she would just give a hearty laugh confusing the person. She had lost her husband in a road mishap and since his demise suffered all sorts of things being young and alone. Her only asset was her son and to rear him she chose to become a rag picker than to work for someone fearing all the while. In the afternoon she would refresh herself and get both of them something to quench their hunger and once again tell the baby all the pleasant things a mom could, not to let him sense any of the hardships and sufferings she experienced so that he grew in not worries but happiness of having a loving and doting mom who could bring him everything he wished for! So his world was full of his mom and mom too had her world in her son! God smiled at their affection for each other, In the dark nights she cried her heart out and prayed to give her strength to tolerate. One day when he would grow up certainly her days would be bright and both can live a happy life with contentment. their small world would be full of happiness. She was afraid to leave her child alone with her husband's family for they would separate him from her being a male child. Without anyone to advocate them she came away to a remote place where none identified them and in despair worked as a housemaid but faced humiliations and cheap low attitudes of many around who wanted to take advantage of her loneliness. She thought of her child and gathered all the inner strength to face this hardship where she needed to work hard but no fear of being mistreated, much better option to fend themselves decently. One day I overheard the doting mom say, "my dear son, you know one day you would grow into a handsome young man and our days would be full of happiness. Eat this food now and mom would get you the shoes some other day" and on another side a mother was pleading her son saying, "my son do eat this now and I would get the pair of shoes for you, a reward" both were moms and were somehow asked their only child to eat the food offered but see the vast differences in the ways life offered! Almost after 3 years I again happened to see the same moms, one staying in the second floor of the building and the other nearby the building in a tent. The poor mom giving her son a glass of water and a bread with egg eating with a happy expression beside mom and the rich mom shouting at her son for eating the breakfast she had prepared with so much of pains. The son dashing out saying he would eat out with friends. I just wondered what was the difference in both the moms love and feelings towards their child! Everyday a mother struggles to make her children happy in so many ways since she wakes up with the first thought of kids till she surrenders herself to sleep. How can we select a day then as mother's day? I think each day is a mother's day to strengthen the bonds of love in the family.

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