Nurturing the young
|   May 20, 2016
Nurturing the young
I often think about Parenting. Its an art to be mastered with great care. Generally we can hear people say children are gifts of God, yes quite true but in real sense how many of us realize the true value of our very own children. After climbing the steps of various temples if you bear a child that's not a great proof of your love. How you rear, care, shape, cherish, support, nurture and of course understand means a lot. We cherish every moment of a growing child. After a certain period we have another child, automatically our attention gets divided and from here starts another story. Many know to tackle intellectually whereas many simply don't. Our rearing of children should not be based on money, it should have more amount of love. I have seen people cursing their children so badly that the relationship has nothing except bitterness. Many children feel lonely in teenage, when they need utmost care and guidance. In such phase if they don't get the right amount of security and strength in parents, they tend to search out, thus prone to fall in wrong company. This is the crucial stage when we should hold them close and take into confidence. We should become friendly so even if they experience something abnormal they should confide, not hide from you. That would make the relationship even strong and intimate. Just before the result declaration we see so many suicides especially within 20 yrs of age. Such a great loss but who has to be blamed for it? Lack of understanding and bondage between parents and children is the main cause for such painful incidents. All the children can't excel in studies, some may have other skills but the latest trend of getting cent per cent result has obsessed our minds to such a great extent that we forget their potential and capabilities while comparing and tormenting them. I'm a teacher and my students discuss their personal problems and feel relieved just because am affectionate. Its a boon of god and we need not purchase it then why this stingy tendency? I have often seen parents who fear to show their love towards wards, they fear that children may not heed to them. Why this unseen fear? Trust your children with whole heart and see them perform their best. Instill good values deep in a friendly way, express your true feelings to them and make them realize life. Don't hide your problems, share with them to give a sense of responsibility. When you can trust a stranger and make a friend why not befriend your children? Imbibe the teachings without focusing on money. Teach the value of relations and build rapport in such a way that you are the first person to know anything your children like to share. This can't be expressed in words only felt. I know many college-going children who unfortunately go home to eat and sleep that too not willingly. Imagine our children spending their quality time at others' place, they really won't be happy. Little care would solve all these things but that 'little' becomes so BIG that it engulfs everything in it. This chain continues after their marriage as well thus creating unnecessary problems. Regular interaction plays very vital role in molding relationships. Taking meals together, praying together, sleeping together and of course sharing happenings bring lot of changes. Mental stress and financial limitations are a great cause for such unpleasant things which can be tackled with little practicality. Give your children unconditional love and trust them. Even average children can excel in life, on the contrary if you treat them like a pet animal you are bound to limit their holistic growth as well spoil their future. Some of the parents thrash children under mental stress and problematic situations but its drastic results may spoil them. Some children even leave home and run away with friends in the thought of punishing parents. Some discontinue studies, some fall in bad company and learn unwanted things in teen age. Later repenting wont do anything but when situation is in our control we can surely do a lot. Avoid being rude instead talk and try to solve their problems. Lend ears to them so that in critical and confused situations they search you for guidance. The tender age memories can't be brushed away as they leave strong impacts on the innocent minds. We all love our children and do our best for rearing and give them pleasures but somewhere we miss for a short time and get unbelivingly negative results. Giving birth is natural but understanding your wards is a great task as they have only you in their world to look up to. Be idol and befriend them and see how home becomes paradise..

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